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  • Just out of curiousity, since I know some of us try to build our armies from one country each time we play a game.  Which country is your favorite to play so far?  (I know some countries have limited units, but I added them all just in case.)

  • I’d have to go with the Germans…but that’s only because I have more german units that all my other factions combines, atleast in regards to points…so I havent been able to play around with other factions as much as the germans…

  • Soviet Union all the way.  Next to the Americans they are the most well rounded force.  I was even playing and winning with them before the snipers of set II.

  • America all the way. more options as far as solders go, and one solder can make the difference. but for armor germany does have the edge.

  • I’d have to go with Germany, because just like POINTMAN, I have more of their forces than anyone else’s.

    And there is NO WAY I’d ever play an exclusively Chinese or Polish force!  NOWAYINHELL!

  • Oh, btw, I picked Germany as well.  I don’t always play Germany, but they seem to be very versatile with all their options for units.

  • Wow…surprised that will all the hoopla about Crocodiles, no one is playing a solid british army.

  • The Croc is just about the most broken tank in the game.  There.  I said it.

  • next to the Type 2 Ka-Mi Amphibious Tank.  What a piece of s**t.

  • All I’m saying is, for how good the Croc is, it should cost at least 50 or more.  I mean, 35?  C’mon…

  • I LOVE THE NATIONALIST CHINESE. They can purchase german units and when there are a shit load of them they are amazing. Otherwise i would have to go with the germans. PEACE

  • Well, the reason I don’t care for the Chinese is because EVERY unit of theirs has some kind of drawback.  (Yes, I consider a commander with no abilities other than Init +1 to be a drawback)  And if you wanna play strictly historical, then who do the Chinese fight?  That’s right - the Japs!  Even with the somewhat poor Japanese selection of tanks, I think they have enough forces to level the Chinese.

  • i really like to play as Germany/Italy(i also really like to play as Japan as well but it is so hard to win with them)
    Germany as the main force(SS PG and TANKS)
    and Italy as a distraction, by taking out enemy units whenever i can
    while my main force(Germans) try to take the objective as fast as possible

    in a 150pt. i always have a Carro Armato, 1 or 2 Blackshirts, and 2 or 3 Fucile Modelo
    always try to out flank the enemy, with the help of a SS Panzer IV of course  😄

  • My favorite armies to build are British/American armies. Between the Jeeps, Halftracks and Paratroopers of the Americans and the Inspiring Lt. for the Brits, I tend to have a very mobile infantry force. I don’t have a Croc yet (argh…), but my Shermans and M10s do well enough. I usually have a small cluster of Stuarts on a flank as well. A mobile core of infantry supported by mobile tanks tends to do rather well for me. But we play on really big maps, so mobility is a huge factor in our games.

    My other favorites are the German/Italian armies I make. They vary alot, so I don’t have a fixed set of units.


  • I favor a Russian army right now (mostly because the bulk of my units & good armor are Russian). Of my Set II units I’ve pulled a Guards T-34 and an IS-2 in just two boosters.

  • I go with germany.  Followed by USSR

  • Definitely Germany. Bigger toys…Wehrmach Oberleutnant/SSPG combos are killer.

    Run the poll again after the planes land please.  😄

  • It’s been said before, the Germans have all the best toys….Brummber(devastating on massed infantry), Tigers, Panthers and SSPG’s!

  • 2007 AAR League

    Rising Sun all the way

  • I like the Soviet Army, but I’m partial to them because of my Micro Armor Army.  I’m still waiting for some self-propelled artillery, and some GMC trucks for transport.

  • Right now I’d have to say that my favorite army is the Soviet Union. I’ve found them to be very effective. I like playing other armies but right now I have a solid 97 point tournament army that hasn’t lost yet (fingers crossed). If you like the Soviet Union? Check it out on the “Best 100 Point Army” post. I’d like to hear some comments.

    I happen to read somewhere that someone posted that Nationlist China could recuit Germans. How’s this one possible??? I didn’t catch that one ANYWHERE in the rules.

  • @scootmanfromhell:

    I happen to read somewhere that someone posted that Nationlist China could recuit Germans. How’s this one possible??? I didn’t catch that one ANYWHERE in the rules.

    I would doubt open cooperation between German and General Chiang’s forces, but in case you did not see it, there was a featured article on Wikipedia the other day highlighting Sino-German relations in the 19th and early 20th centuries.


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