• Hi chaps
    My Idea fo using commanders

    Commander types
    Field Marshall
    Air Marshall

    Commanders cost 4IPC each
    You may only have 1 of each type of commander in play at any time.

    You must assign a commander to a unit use a flag or something on the model.

    They may not be taken as a separate casualty and die when the unit is destroyed.

    Once you have assigned your commander you may only reassign him in your non-combat movement phase he may reassign to any unit in an adjacent or same province.

    Field Marshall
    May only be assigned to either a Tank and Infantry or an Artillery unit.

    Air Marshall may be assigned to either a fighter or a bomber.

    An Admiral may be assigned to a Destroyer a battleship of an aircraft carrier or a Sub but not a Transport.

    Each commander allows you to choose one Casualty caused buy a hit from that unit type per combat round so if you have 3 tanks an one has a field Marshall attached to it and you roll 2 hits you may choose 1 of the casualties

    I’m not too sure about the cost yet.
    Any thoughts

  • I like this idea of using leaders, but not generic ones, I’ve made a horde of them representing actual figures, but now using them all will clutter up the board, so then comes the fun part of cutting down on how many leaders each side gets. So far im settled with 1 or 2 for each nation. Use Rommel to take over Egypt, unless Monte is there to block him and Patton sets foot in Morocco coming in from behind. In the meantime Zhukov drives the Nazi’s back and Yamamoto has fun in the Pacific until the bomber carrying him is shot down.

  • Commanders (based on d12 system)
    Each major power can have one or more military commanders that affect the outcome of battles. Each turn one commander unit is placed in a territory you wish to attack and can affect a +1 modifier on attack or defense for the sum of combat units equal to its leadership value for the duration of combat rounds. Each nation begins with commanders as follows:

    Hitler          8
    Manstein    9
    Runstedt    8
    Rommel    10
    Guderian    6

    Kesselring    7
    Badoglio      4

    Mannerheim    6

    Stalin              7
    Zhukov          8
    Timoshenko  7

    United Kingdom:
    Montgomery      7
    Alexander          5

    Tojo                  7
    Yamamoto*    10
    Nagumo*          8
    Yamashita        7

    Patton              9
    Eisenhower    8
    Nimitz*          7
    Macarthur      7

    Note: The engaged commander remains in the territory till the end of the turn. If enemy forces choose to counterattack and capture the territory  then that commander is considered killed in battle and cannot be replaced. All Leaders can only affect land battles except the leaders with * which can effect battles on the sea.

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