• New to the game (and system) but really enjoying it.

    It sounds like the basic Kill Germany First strategy is the following:

    1. Russia holds on for as long as they can with fighters shipped to them from US and Britain
    2. Lenningrad will fall, that is one city for the Axis that will take some time to regain.
    3. US move its navy from Pacific to the Atlantic
    4. US starts shipping land forces to europe, possibly through north africa. This allieviates the pressure on Russia as Germany will have to put some efforts there.

    Now the problem. Japan runs wild in the Pacific.  Japan will eventually pick up India. It can be delayed but in my games, it can’t be delayed for that long. Maybe the US running through north africa can made some headway to India?

    And, if the US moves it fleet to the Atlantic, then Hawaii (and maybe San Francisco) are wide open.

    I must be missing something or playing poorly in some other way.Any suggestions?

  • Welcome! I generally agree with your post, it more or less sums it up.  I find the Allies shouldn’t totally ignore Japan and need to slow it down wherever possible.  India will eventually fall but make Japan pay as high a price as possible.  I like AAA guns for that reason.

  • I think I blew it my opening round and made India too vulnerable in my current game. The British fleet off the Indian coast is gone with nearly the entire Japanese fleet sitting off the Indian coast. I took the American fleet and took Okinawa with the idea of threatening Tokio. But Japan just has to bring her fleet back and I’m a goner.

    I want to bring the American fleet to the Atlantic, but I’m afraid of leaving Hawaii too vulnerable.

    Too many vulnerabilities.

  • The key to success as the Allies(particularly the US)  IS properly splitting between E and P. You cannot leave one side without any help unless the other Allies have it somewhat under control. Since the Axis can win doing well one only one side, you have to be careful. It is generally best to stop them on both sides.

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    As others have said, the UK & US have to do enough to keep J busy. Especially given the role it can play in helping G in capturing Moscow. Stalingrad is not that far from J’s opening territories, with China easy meat.

    But that has to be achieved while focusing as much resource as possible in reinforcements to Moscow, denying Africa to G, getting an allied fleet off the coast of Europe and perhaps SBRs on Berlin.

    Balancing all these demands for limited resources is part of what makes it a great game!

    A warm welcome to the forum mosuper 🙂

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