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  • Hello, I have built some custom large boards.  The best one is for Axis and Allies diehards.  It is a 10 versus 10 player game.  Using the Triple A software, I would like to find a few diehard players to try out my huge map.  I have played Axis and Allies since around 1987.  I spent lots of time creating 20 colors and 20 sets of units and a giant 20 player map.  Only looking to play online and would rather use TeamSpeak or Mumble.  You would need to download and install the version of the Triple AAA Axis and Allies software and I would need to email the map file, so it would appear correctly on your screen.  This is the rules setup within the Triple AAA software.  Once again, this is a very large map and each players starts with 3 provinces and lots of neutral territories to fight over.  The is symmetrical and totally even starting points for both sides.  For anyone who hasn’t used the software, it runs quick and clean, movement is that way also, dice rolling is very fast and online play is built it, so we can play anytime from the house.  Once again, only looking to play online software version, not board game, thanks.

    10 v 10 is a huge map that is symmetrical and uses a 12 sided die

    The AI has no idea how to play this one, so real people only

    This is a tournament map that could be made for a 20 person free for all by fixing the alliances

    This game uses 3 kinds of money.  PUs, which is the standard money and used for land units

    AUs is used for aircraft and ships, IUs is used for infrastructure




    Infantry and Armour are purchased individually with PUs money



    The only way to purchase aircraft is to buy the airforce group for 39 AUs

    which consists of 2 Fighters and 1 Bomber and uses AUs money

    The Bomber hits at a rate of 1 kill per bomber, so it hits on a 6 but rolls 2 dice per bomber

    Battleship/-2,6’s-/-2,6’s-/-4-/-*-/Sea- 2 attacks and 2 defense rolls per battleship

    Carrier/-3-/-7-/-2-/-*-/Sea- can carry 2 fighters, much better on defense, (close in anti aircraft support)

    Cruiser/-6-/-7-/-2-/-*-/Sea- Slightly better on defense, (close in anti aircraft support)


    The only way to purchase Fleet is to buy the Fleet Group for 70 AUs

    This is 1 battleship, 1 carrier, 1 cruiser and 2 destroyers

    Battleship can bombard and the unit per battleship rule is in place

    Transport/-1-/-1-/-2-/-8-/Sea- Can carry 2 infantry, 1 HQ or 1 tank, they attack and defend at a 1 and bought indivdually

    Factory/-0-/-6-/-0-/-100-/Infrastructure, this is the standard factory, it defends as a regular unit, but will not be destroyed

    The factory is also an AA gun which hits on a 1, which can’t move, the factory costs 100 IUs and also builds 2 infantry per turn, 1 per province only

    HQ/-0-/-6-/-1-/-50-/Infrastructure-HQ acts as a normal unit, but defends only, it is also 2 hit, costs 50 IUs to build, can move 1 space

    HQ also creates 1 PUs per HQ per turn, can be Transported and takes 1 transport per HQ

    All of the carrier rules are in place, produce fighters on carriers, new fighters/old carriers, existing fighters to new

    carriers, battleships are 2 hits, bombard with per ground restricted, bombarded casualties return fire first round

    Neutral flyover is in place and so is Attacker retreat planes on amphibious assault

    The stuff in the Buy Window for 9999 is stuff you can’t purchase, but must be in the Production list, so the Edit Mode will

    allow you to add/subtract this unit from the game

    Turn off pastel coloring so the colors will be more obvious and distinguishable

    Axis are the darker provinces with light colored units, the units face to the right, and have the regular factory graphic

    Allies are the lighter provinces with darker colored units, the units face to the left, and have the advanced factory graphic

    The costs, movements, attacks and defense of most of the units is per the old school game.  Subs, bomber raids and rockets have

    been removed

    Tech is removed except War Bonds, which everyone has and rolls a 12 sided die for PUs (conscription)

    Worked hard on those flags, colors and units to help tell everyone apart

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