Winter 2015/16 Battle of Britain - 7th February - SEE BATTLE REPORT

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    This all day 1942.2 event will be held in Derbyshire, UK.

    We currently have 6 players, including four from this forum, and can include up to 4 more.

    If you are interested please either reply to this thread in Events or PM Private Panic.

    The Battle Report for our last event (posted below) will show you how much fun we have!

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    Another great day! We had six players and separated into two games of three people.

    The two games were very different in character. One was fast and furious and the other nail biting and edgy.

    1. Fast & Furious!

    Dukla Passer and two non-forum players played 1942.2. Dukla Passer has provided this report.

    Axis ended up after the first round with Caucasus and India and untouched Navies. Allies slowly taking control of Africa. US navy moving closer to island of Japan.

    Round 3 Germany took London (UK navy left on the wrong side of island) and US landed in Japan. Japan and Germany just one step off taking Russia.

    Next round Japan took Russia and recaptured Japan. Hooray! But then lost its homeland again thanks to the US. Boo! This gave the US a huge amount of $ to spend.

    The game ended up with just 2 powers on the board: Germans making their way to Washington; and the US sweeping across Asia while meeting no resistance.

    All players went home with a draw in their pockets.

    2. Nail Biting and Edgy!

    Credulous, wittman and Private Panic played the Anniversary map (1941 set up) to 1942.2 rules. Here is the battle report on this game:

    Private Panic took the Axis, Credulous the UK & Russia and wittman the USA & China. No bid as Wittman remains the most experienced player by far and because in Credulous and Private Panic’s only previous experience of this variant the allies won.

    Germany was unable to destroy the UK navy as in other A&A versions, meaning that an allied fleet was soon off the coasts of Europe. Given the Allied national objective of taking France, Germany defended this territory, successfully denying it to the allies in every turn bar one. Germany also took Egypt, building a factory there. However, initial bomber and submarine purchases – a vain attempt to keep the allied fleet at bay – denied too many early units to the eastern front, a problem then compounded by US/UK SBRs on Berlin. Karelia was taken but not held. An attack on Moscow was undertaken following an Italian can-opener, but did not get the luck it needed.

    Russia gradually grew its armies to the point of representing a serious threat on Germany’s eastern front. It was also able to despatch forces to seek the recapture of Egypt and defend India. An infantry stack in the Siberian wilderness was, however, obliterated by Japan.

    Japan used its early naval dominance to take the money islands, whilst also driving China back and (eventually) opening Russia’s back door. An attack on India (with ever so slightly advantageous odds) failed, however. Its Pacific fleet kept the US’s massive naval investments at bay.

    The UK contested Africa through a factory in Cape Town. India was just retained and subsequently reinforced by US fighters and Russian land forces. It’s north Atlantic fleet roamed the Channel and Baltic at will, allowing the UK to wrest Karelia back from Germany.

    Italy helped Germany retain France, provided forces against Russia and dominated the Med.

    China bit at Japan’s heels like an annoying gnat.

    The US struggled to get into the game. North African invasions were constantly beaten off by Italy and it’s Pacific fleet never gained dominance. It did manage to take the East Indies and Caroline Islands one turn, but these were recaptured by Japan before the UK could gain anything.

    At the end of a day’s play, the sides were drawing approximately equal ipcs, because allied dominance of territorial income was negated by axis achievement of national objectives. However, the allies had some advantage with Egypt caught in a Russian/UK pincer movement and an ever greater TT capacity off Europe’s coasts. Rather than declare a draw all players elected to continue this game at the next Battle of Britain.

    Some pictures in the next post 8-)

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    Unable to post the promised pictures. 😢 Found an attach function but each picture is 2MB or more and so too large.

    Better than attaching would be to copy and paste them into the post but cannot find how to do that. :?

    Any help gratefully received!

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    Behind the tables…


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    It’s a good job someone knows what they are doing!

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    After fourth round!?


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