• hi question if have only transport offload unit and have ememy sub in same zone can do the offload? sam question can load troop whit only transport when have enemy sud ?if offload whit only transport and ennemy can do scramble and kill my transport? if i bring transport and carrier to offload troup whit enemy sub what i do thank for answer i hope you understand my question

  • Greetings!
    You CAN offload in a sea zone containing only enemy submarines if it is NOT an amphibious assault. If ut is an amphibious assualt you CANNOT offload unless you have friendly SURFACE warships in the same zone.

    You CAN load troops in a sea zone containing only enemy submarines at ALL times.

    You CANNOT offload in a sea zone containing enemy submarines with only your transports. You need an escorting SURFACE WARSHIP as well.

    You CAN offload with your transports + aircraft carrier.

    I hope this helps you!

    de Gaulle

  • thank and the global game you know for scramble whit only transport merci de gaule

  • Your opponent may scramble if you are making an amphibious assualt in that zone. If you are making a noncombatant move your opponent may not scramble.

    de Gaulle

  • 2020 '16 '15 '14

    I think all of the answers here are incorrect.  This is the thread for the 2nd edition of Axis and Allies, released in 1986.  This is not the thread for A&A Europe/Pacific 2nd Edition.

    Was your question regarding the old game?  If so, then submarines function very different than described.

  • Oh man. What was I Thinking?

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