Please comment on russian build strat

  • i usally buy one fighter, 1 tank, 3 men. i land the russian plane in eygpt, blitiz my caucasus tank to transjordn and after it helps take west russia the kalrlia plans lands in transjordan.  i also take ukraine.  this allows brits to keep suez and thus bringing its indian navy into the med before japan kills it, thus protecting africa from germeny. then on turn two i return units to protect against the german where i build mostly men with an tank every other turn.

    this strat might be total bs because i am a newbie and i play with other newbies. has any one else tried it? thanks for any comments or ideas to improve.


  • I like it 😃 However even with the Russian fighter, a German force of 2 inf + 2 tank + 1 fighter + 1 bomber will take Anglo-Egypt on average. It can tip the luck in your favor sometimes but on average it still isn’t enough.

    If I’m feeling really aggressive against Germany I will instead attack Norway, Ukraine, and West Russia. The success rate isn’t high but it’s above 50% and it gets rid of 2 German fighters, making it really hard for him to get rid of the med fleet and invade anglo.

    Your buy sounds ok. It’s not bad to purchase 1 fighter for Russia to help do those little border skirmishes but yeah mostly infantry and a tank here and there is best.

  • 2007 AAR League

    I liek it, but im for the decimation of Ukr and Stack on Wru.

  • I would agree with sending the figher to Anglo Egypt, and armor to the south.

  • I like it but would never suggest it to my russian ally… then again everyone should already know i am conservative i stick to the 8 man purchase… unless i am feeling frisky…

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