• Hey - just got the software and started a game. As some one new to A&A, it would be great if I could see the AI moves. I noticed that they go almost too fast to notice what the AI is even doing. Is there a way to slow down the AI turns or ‘review them’ once its your turn, so you can see what moves/attacks the AI carried out?

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    If there is a means of slowing down AI then I would be interested too.

    But if not, then you can always go to “Show History” and flip through the moves listed down the left hand side.

  • There is a way. When you’re in a game, go to the “View” menu. There is an option in it called “AI pause duration”, you can change it to a longer duration between the AI’s individual moves. I’m not sure if this option saves between games though, so you might have to change it for every game you play.

  • TripleA

    The option to adjust time between AI’s movement is actually at ‘Game’ > ‘AI Pause Duration’ and is the milliseconds between moves. It does persist across sessions and save games.

    That being said using the history panel is even better since you can review and click through moves as many times as you’d like. To show the history panel just go to ‘Game’ > ‘Show History’ and to hide it go to ‘Game’ > ‘Show Current Game’.

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