"Originally Controlled" Territories

  • My group is having a disagreement and discussion about is considered “Originally Controlled” Territories especially in regards to Japan. You can only build Industrial Complexes on originally own territories. Are those territories you start the game with or territories who markers is printed on the board for that country? I could not find this answer in the 2nd Edition rulebook or using the search feature (which appears to be screwed up anyone else getting pages to double up on each other when searching).

    Thank you for your help.

  • i it is what you org. own exept for china if japan buildsone that goes away when the liberate it

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    Japan begins the game already occupying Chinese territory, so it can only build Minor ICs on eligible territories with values of 2 or 3. It can only build a Major IC on Korea.

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    From the rulebook:

    Spaces On The Game Board
    The border colors of the territories on the game board show which power controls them at the start of the game. Each power has its own color and emblem (the United Kingdom controls the Canadian territories in addition to those with its own emblem). When the rules refer to the “original controller” of a territory, they mean the power whose emblem is printed on the territory.


    Once any formerly neutral territory becomes controlled by a major power, the rules regarding neutral territories no longer apply to it. It’s treated like any other territory, with the exception that it has no “original” controller (even if it was initially biased toward one side or the other).

  • Thanks. I definitely focused on the Industrial Complex and Japan/China Sections in the rulebook.

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