• Played my first game of A&A Global 40, I was Russia. I decided to keep my Far East Army in the East. It caused the Japanese some trouble, taking pressure off India and Australia. However my defense around Moscow lacked depth.

    To sum up the game, then western Allies were not able to create a second front or even the threat of a second front which allowed Germany and Italy to turn full force toward Russia.

    What do you usually do with the Soviet Far East Armies?

  • keep them there but in  moscow build 10 inf. every turn and retreat your troops back to moscow but keep some in the other cities and ukraine

  • @zman:

    keep them there but in  moscow build 10 inf. every turn and retreat your troops back to moscow but keep some in the other cities and ukraineÂ

    If you are playing with multiple players and only control Russia, how is that fun?

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    Herr Worsham.

    The consensus seems to be that if you leave the troops in the east, they may function to tie up critical Japanese resources that a dedicated KJF America can exploit.  You are correct though that without them, Moscow is much more likely to fall, and they are especially helpful to backstop china when they are on the left hand side of China rather than the upper right.    I would suggest keeping the pressure on by leaving them next to Manchuria, because you can choose the timing of an invasion, and because Russia’s entry into the war allows the USA to SBR Japan and gives them a landing pad.  Instead of using the stack of infantry to walk 7 turns back to Moscow, have a relief flight of UK planes protect Moscow.

  • I like to march 6 of the far east infintry back toward Moscow.  I generally leave the others as a deterent to the Japanese.  They may take far east territories but they will have to fight for them.  The six moving back toward Moscow may move south to the west side of China like Taamvan said if the Japanese are moving through China with no signs of stopping.  The Urkrane and Leningrad will build men and artillery as long as they can to slow the German advance.  With draw and counter attack as much as possible.  Sacrifice to one infintry to prevent blitzes and hit them back on the Soviet turn.  Delay and redirect German efforts as much as you can.  Give your allies (thta is if they are paying attention) time to hit the Germans and Italians from the west as soon as possible.  Even if they can’t sustain the invasion, the fact that they are coming should alteast redirect some of their resources back toward Europe.  You play a defensive game and rarely get any glory for it but if you can slow the axis down, you may give the allies the victory.  I have been stimmied a couple of times when Larrie plays the Soviets.  A good player can make all of the difference.

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    Here’s a large post, from this very same page, discussing the very same thing:

    And looking at it, you actually made the last post there. I’m confused, and I’ll shut up now.

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