• do i have to make an amphibious assault in order to unload and attack with transports and whatever is on them, or can the transports just unload and then attack without any naval assistance

  • You can attack land with units from transports only.

  • I think what he means is can he do an “amphibious assault” without using bombardment from battleships. The answer is yes, I believe.

  • You do not need to involve battleships in an amphibious assault. However, you need to designate which ships are involved in the amphibious assault and which are involved the sea battle if there are enemy sea units in the sea zone that you are unloading the transports in (pg 15 of the 2nd ed. manual, under “Amphibious Assaults”).

  • Yes, you can load a transport, move it up to 2 spaces, and unload it into enemy territory (occupied or unoccupied) during the Combat Movement phase of any round.

    You can do this with or without any other naval vesels being a part of the landing fleet.
    So as an example, Japan can land infantry in Midway just by sending a transport with 2 INF or 1 tank abord.  Once the troops are landed, and your other combat moves are established, then those forces would fight each other until one side or the other was dead (there is no retreat from an amphibious landing).  Or Japan could send a transport to New Zealand, drop troops there, and take it from UK without a fight.

    Battleships can only fire their single bombardment shot though when a transport is offloading troops as part of the battle.

    Hope that answers your question.

  • yes, thank you it helps, all i needed to know is if i needed a battleship or not

  • @Taelos:

    yes, thank you it helps, all i needed to know is if i needed a battleship or not

    Well, based on the rules, no you don’t NEED one.

    BUT, if the territory is occupied, and you have a BB available… USE IT!  LOL

  • Amphib ground units do not need to go in alone. 
    If you got troops from an adjacent territory, they can also join in the amphib attack. 
    The classic case is w/the SE trn in G1.  It can send SE troops to Ukr, Egy, or Cauc w/ ground troops going across the border.

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