1940 Global 3rd Edition?

  • I am hopeful that in the future we see an Axis & Allies 1940 Global 3rd Edition, preferably a stand alone game without catering to the idea of separating it in order to play a Pacific or Europe theatre. The map, rule book, and gaming materials should all support a global experience which would come in one box set for one price, also… new improved rules and game mechanics solving some of G40s issues would be welcome.

    What do you say Larry?

  • If it had all new sculpts, I’d buy it.

  • @AlphaKappa:

    If it had all new sculpts, I’d buy it.

    I actually prefer basic sculpts that are easily identifiable from one nation to the next. I find it difficult enough teaching new players the game without the added confusion of different looking units of the same type. However, I’m not against booster style side packs that offer different sculpts which can be swapped in the game, or even just for those who like to paint them.

  • French units would be lovely  😉

  • The idea of it being standalone is great. When I bought G40 a few years ago, The shop i bought it from only sold P40 and I ended up having to order E40 from overseas.

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