KV-1 Stat card

  • The KV-1 stat card lists the unit as “1942”.

    Then in the flavor text, it mentions an episode in 1941 when a KV-1 survived over 100 direct hits by German tank shells.

    From what I have read, the KV-1 was used in abundance by the Soviets in 1941.  I think the stat card year listing is a misprint.

  • there are all sorts of things like that for one the MG-42 says it came out in 42 when i know for a fact that it came out in 41.

  • SFO Founder TripleA Admin

    The year 1942 was probably used for game balance.

  • its possible, the powers that be did make some changes to units that dont make sence other than the fact that it levels game play.

  • It might be that they consider them to have been a “common” element in the Russian Army.  Maybe in 1941 they were around but not in full circulation to all Russian Divisions.  I honestly don’t know, I’m just suggesting this as a possible reason.

  • SFO Founder TripleA Admin

    Another interesting tid-bit like this is that the Tiger-I card states that the Tigers would routinely destroy T-34’s from 1000 yards with one hit.

    T-34 has 5 armor. The Tiger-I at long range rolls 12 dice. 10 out of 12 is not exactly routine.

    But I’m no WWII historian so maybe there are other T-34’s that are weaker than the ones in the base set.

  • thats my point, things like that all over the place. the MG-42 should be so much more powerfull than the other MG’s. the panzer IV’s should not be able to be distroyed by a sherman head on. I could go on for awhile, but i wont, i shall spare you…

    …the type 92 MG didnt appear until 42, not 39. do you really think that the Japenese had better firepower than the Germans!!! ok now i am really done, i need a nap. :x

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