What are the new Industrial Units and how do you play them?

  • Is there a resource for Shipyards, Minor Factories, ex.? I want to know this is in order to play it properly.

  • Minor factory can only be placed on territory’s of 2 or more value
    Major factory can only be placed on excisting territory that has a value of 3 or more.
    Factory upgrade can be used when you have build a minor factory and want to upgrade this

    Harbor has two options, it gives you more reach (+1) and repairs damaged battleships and carriers

    Airbase has two options, it gives you more reach (+1) and let you scramble into a seazone thats adjacent.

    All facilities have build in AA.

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  • Major factory has an additional limitation in that it can only be placed on an originally-owned territory, so there are very few eligible territories to place new ones. You will almost never see someone buy one due to that and the cost.

    Minor factories have an additional limitation in that they cannot be placed on islands. So all those islands in the South Pacific are ineligible.

    In practice, 80% of minor factories will be UK placements in Egypt, Persia, and Iraq; and Japanese placements in FIC, Kwangtung, Kiangsu and Manchuria. In late game US will place one in Norway or Korea if given the opportunity, and sometimes you’ll see ANZAC place one in Queensland.

    Airbases tend to be placed more than harbors. Gibraltar is a popular spot for UK and Japan will often place minor factory, airbase, and harbor all in FIC. Harbors are rarely purchased otherwise, although sometimes there are opportunities to place them effectively in Norway or in the Pacific. At 15 IPC each they are somewhat on the expensive side so unless you can really maximize what they do for you, keep your airbase/harbor purchases to a minimum.

    Also, all these installations can be captured by the enemy, so don’t place them unless you can hold the territory.

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    There is one exception to capturing facilities:
    If Japan places a minor IC on any of the Chinese territories that can support one – Manchuria, Shantung and Kiangsu – and that territory is liberated by the Allies, the minor IC is removed. This is the only instance where a facility of any kind is removed from the game.
    The reason for this is the strange rules concerning China. Since China has no central capital to capture like other nations and they don’t turn over their cash on hand even if the last Chinese territory is captured by the Axis, China can never be totally defeated as long as there are other Allied powers around that could liberate them. Whenever an Allied player liberates ANY Chinese territory, on China’s next turn they can purchase and place infantry there.
    Also, China is allowed to place their units on any Chinese territory that they control and they only buy infantry (and artillery IF the Burma road is totally open), they do not use Industrial Complexes. When any Allied power takes a Chinese territory from the Axis, they are always liberating it for China. No other Allied power can ever control any Chinese territory so they can never make use of any industrial complex that is there.
    So, since China doesn’t use ICs and the Allies can’t use them, they are removed. Another option would be to leave them in that territory just in case Japan could recapture that territory later and use the IC, but then you would have part of the game with an IC sitting there that no one could use.  So I think they decided on simply removing those ICs to make it easier to remember.
    As for Air Bases and Naval Bases built on Chinese territory, those can remain because Allies can use each other’s bases.

  • Thanks for the information. 🙂

  • The Chinese have strange rules but the exceptions they get makes them exceptional. The ability to raise new units in a newly captured territory is overwhelmingly powerful. Even though they can only raise INF and ART, the ability to have one main stack and move it anywhere while building, instead of having to defend a particular territory, would be gamebreaking if China wasn’t restricted to Chinese territories and Burma and given a fairly low number of starting units.

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