• Just popped in to say hi!  DJenson - very impressed to see the ongoing success of your site!  Imperious leader (Impy) - congratulations on your mod status.  DFish - i need to visit you again, but i may have decent luck getting you to visit me at our place in Mexico.
    For those who don’t know - i’m a Winnipegger always in for a game - pretty much any game, so if any 'peggers or other Canucks are wanting to sit down, come find me. 
    For those who vaguely remember me - i’m a physician, i own a clinic and i teach medicine for a living.  I used to be a moderator, and played pretty vociferously, but life got in the way.
    much love of the site,
    Hope all are well and you enjoy Christmas.
    (p.s. if any play CoC - i’m timster at clash confederation)

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    I remember you from about a million years ago!

    Good to see you!

    Dfish hasn’t logged in since 2013… 😞  and Impy had is mod status removed - with very good reason.

    But all the same, we’re one big happy family; and there are lots of new faces for you to meet!

    I hope the practice is going well?

  • Thanks for the update - i do keep in touch with df from time-to-time.  All is well.  I’m watching the series World War II in Color and thought of you guys.  Figured i’d check on the site.  Lots of expansions yet.  It’ll take me a while to catch up!

  • '17 '16 '15 Organizer '14 Customizer '13 '12 '11 '10

    Nice to see you crypy…

  • Sponsor

    Nice to meet you… and welcome back.

  • I love the changes that have been made.
    What is the current engine being used to play online games?  I would like to look in to taking the game up again.

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