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1914 - Advanced rules

  • 2016

    Advanced rules for 1914. SEE ATTACHED .TXT FILE One rule requires new territory inserts; Darfur, Armenia, and Khiva Khanate.  Darfur is southern part of Anglo-Egyptian Sudan (borders Fr-Eq-Africa and Congo).  Armenia northern part Mesopotamia (borders Persia, Ankara, and Sev).  Khiva southern tip of Kazakhstan (borders Afgh. & Persia).  All are minor-aligned, Darfur and Armenia with Ottomans, Khiva with Russia.
    Questions welcomed.  

  • I like the idea of neutral Italy, and railroad movement is a good change. But I’m generally not a fan of things like convoluted dice modifiers and things that have to be tracked in secret on a separate piece of paper. I think the game is complex enough as it is. And if I were going to redesign the board, I’d scrap Africa entirely rather than add territories to it. My group forgets to move in Africa so often it became a running joke.

    Just my opinion. I’m sure others will disagree.

  • 2016

    The rules are a menu - you can pick and choose which ones you want to use.  I believe the basic game is…. well… too basic - but that’s the A&A way.  My rules are intended to make it more complex - which hopefully adds to a closer re-creation of some of the aspects of WWI.

  • 2016

    Attached text file with rules updated today.  1/21/16

  • If there’s an Axis & Allies game that needs solid house rules… it’s definitely 1914.

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