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  • Ok I bought the game and set-up the 36 scenario. The 39 set-up isn’t out yet, and now I guess it will be next April before it’s ready (disappointing BTW).

    I did want to see what players are doing though as they muddle through this earlier start date, and get familiar with the rules. Here is a list of some things to consider. We are only in the 3rd turn and I’m playing Axis in a pretty friendly open type of game. My counter part is playing both Allies and Commies, but I believe we have a 3rd person that is going to take over the Commies (think it is needed to get the feel for the 3 Alliances). Feel free to give insight from your game experience. I’ll start with the Euro side, the Spanish Civil War, and what the 3 alliances are doing (or planning). Then move to the Pac side.

    1. Spanish Civil War
      In our game Germany has sent lend lease of a couple art to the Spanish Nats over the first couple turns, and Italy sent one Mt inf (Russia has yet to send any units). LL a destroyer to the Nats was considered, but seemed a waist of IPP (Rep have navy and air that would prob take it out easily). The Nationals took Asturia-Vas in the first turn, and it has been traded a couple times with min loss to both sides. Both sides got reinforcement when rolling in the first turn, but neither in the second. The Nats picked up the units in Spanish Morocco on the first turn and moved them to Leon-Cas to reinforce knowing that their tiny navy would most likely be sunk (use it before you lose it). The Rep did sink the Nat navy (Nat could have scrambled, but couldn’t afford to lose the ftr). The Nats are getting a bit stronger due to the lend lease units, but the Rep hold Madrid (city circle that gets def bonus). Right now the Nats are trying to bleed the Rep by attacking the Rep held coastal territories (some abandoned), but at some point the Nats are going to have to attack Madrid. They will be hard pressed to so unless they can somehow surround the city to negate the def bonus the same turn they attack the center.

    2. Purchases
      2a) Euro Axis: Like I said the Euro axis have done some lend lease to Spain, but they can’t afford to do so for the next few turns IMO (bigger fish to fry). The Germans are buying art for both fronts, but did buy a sub too. Neither have paid to have their ships move up yet, but will need to IMO very soon. It has been discussed that Germany will prob save income for a round or two prior to being allowed to buy tanks/mech (July 38) so it can buy more blitzing type units. Italy doesn’t have much income but they have also been buying inf/art.
      2b) UK has bought some colonial inf for Africa, FEC and Anz and US have been saving for the most part with some min purchases same for Russia.

    3. Movement/actions
      3a) Euro Axis: The Germans are building art at both fronts, and moved all available inf up. Noticed that they went a little heavy on the Polish front, so have railed a couple units to the French front (rail seems very cool). I annexed Austria G1 (2 IPP), but have held off on the two Czech territories for now because it ramps up the UK income at the same rate. Italy has also held back on Albania for the same reason (well kinda because the Italians get nothing but position, where the Brits get 1 IPP). Both intend to annex the allowed territories with-in the next couple turns. Italy did finish off Abyssinia (no losses). Trying to decide if I should keep my Italians in eastern Africa (maybe add to them) to pressure Egypt from the south, or to transport them to N Africa (while I can still move through the Suez). There is no income to gain in the lower half of Africa unless you’re foolish enough to make a play for S Africa.

    3b) The UK is moving the Royal Navy around, and he isn’t sure of what to do, or where to go at this point (we are both trying to figure that out). He has the FEC navy in the Red Sea figuring there will probably be more early action on the Euro side (but we really don’t know yet). We do know that there won’t be a typical destroy 75% of the British naval assets in the Atlantic on G1 in this game though. The UK Med carrier has come up to the Atlantic to help secure the convoy routes I believe (carrier based planes seem pretty helpful). Both the UK and French have bulked up in that huge med 80sz. This is going to be interesting once Paris falls and the Vichy rule comes into play (but he’ll prob move the French before that?). The French are building up defenses along Maginot line and Paris itself, but will be ready to redeploy later once they see what is coming their way and how. The Russians slipped the surface fleet through the Danish Straight while it was open (not really sure if it was the right thing to do or not). US is of course not able to move much yet.

    1. Chinese Civil War and the Pac side.
      Well the Chinese haven’t signed a deal or truce, the but the Nationals pulled out of Sichuan to allow the Reds to expand (better reinforcement roll odds based on territories the Reds control). The collective thought for now is to not kill each other to make it easier for the Japanese to conquer China. I don’t believe there will be a Chinese attack on the warlords, but maybe later for positioning. I believe the Russians can lend lease to either Chinese faction (still looking into that, so haven’t done it), but they don’t have much income to spare.

    2. The Japanese have transported all available inf to Jehol, and have been building art to to bring over as well (need lots of ground units, looks like the warlords will be intact). They will most likely start moving up the navy on the build chart once they feel they have enough ground to start the invasion of China. Haven’t really given much thought to the Western Allies yet (other then noting the FEC navy is in the Red Sea). We will look into signing the Russian-Japanese NAP in a few rounds.

    3. Like I said earlier FEC, Anz and US have been saving for the most part with some min purchases.

    4. Russia doesn’t have much income but have made some min purchases or saved. Looking into getting Russian air units to China to help the KMT (or the CCP later). Russian air has nothing else to do for the next half doz turns. I know you can rail air to Vlad, sounds like you can then fly over water to Nat China and either give them the plane as a lend lease, or retain control as a Russian unit in China (per Sino-Soviet NAP). I know that the Russians and CCP take their turn at the same time (move/attack together), but until the Japanese attack I think the Russians can only control the CCP, and can’t place their own units in CCP territories. Getting some clarifications on what they are allowed to do.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    We started our 3 player game yesterday -> I have some photos I can maybe post later.

    I was axis, and decided screw it, I didn’t want to sit around with no action all day, and I went all out with Japan in 37.  I got the party started FAST!

    USA rolled hot and got into the war in 37, attacking Germany and Japan.

    It got interesting though, because UK/France could not attack Germany/Italy, as they had not attacked anyone.

    Italy/Germany one two punched the French and sacked paris.

    Japan, Russia, and Communist China made a gentleman’s pact - which was friggin awesome.  No activation of the warlords, and the assured destruction of the nationalist Chinese; with the end game being that should Berlin fall, Japan and Russia would fight the allies onward until the bitter end.

    It is now the top of July 1939 and we have paused the game until next session.

    Paris has fallen.
    Cairo has fallen.
    Calcutta has fallen.
    Warsaw remains although very weak.
    British and us fleets dominate the atlantic, recovering northern france.
    many EU countries are still Neutral  (Yugo, Greece, Bul, Hung, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Belgium etc)

    Japan has good control of the DEI, and most of India
    A US/FR fleet stands off against a GER/ITA fleet in the med.
    A US fleet stands off against a slightly larger Japanese fleet

    Japan is very thing in mainland china, but it’s mostly neutral Warlords.  The communists keep Japanese troops in cheque by threatening a Russian attack on warlords, which will activate all of them into nationalist forces.

    Axis income -> 115 in position to gradually expand
    Allied income -> 135 attempting to hold ground, using colonial infantry well
    Comintern -> 8  (About to grow)

    It’s any man’s game!

  • That is a wild west kinda game. Interesting idea of having Japan bail on attacking China and go directly for FEC/UK. USA entering the war in Europe before England is hilarious, not sure they saw that coming when play testing lol.

    Unfortunately we haven’t got back to our game, it is still set-up and will get back to it after Xmas.

  • Liaison TripleA '11 '10

    Keep me posted wild bill! It was an interesting read.

    Yeah, I didn’t want to sit around until 1939, when I knew I could sink fleets and secure hard objectives!

    Russia got kind of screwed though.  Making 8 whilst the world gets conquered by the axis.  Not being able to roll, they are atleast 4 turns from even mattering.  Enough time I hope to strengthen the Axis to par with the allies!

  • I am working on an Axis opening and would like critique and comments.

    Turn #1 - Germany declares war on Russia. Aligns Hungary, Bulgaria, and Romania. (May align “immediately” when at war with Russia.) Occupy Austria.
    Britian rolls a d12 if they hit a 12 it is war and the Axis are crushed the game evolves into a titanic showdown between the allies and the Russians. We will assume an ‘average’ roll of 7 on d12s and 4 on d6s

    Germany IPC go to 34.
    Russia IPC go to 46.
    France IPC go to 10.
    USA IPC goes to 13.
    Britian IPC goes to 19.

    Germany combats moves the forces in Romania into Russia taking 2 spaces adjacent to Romania on the first turn.

    Non-com moves
    Lt Arm and Cav in Berlin to Stettin
    Rail 2INF in Berlin plus 2 Arty to Romania (While Austria is taken in the combat move this seems legit given the special nature of the seizure. But potentially illegal)
    Balkan Forces consolidate towards Romania
    1 FTR to Stettin
    1 Transport and Medium Bomber to West Germany
    2 FTR to Romania

    Switch 4 INF in Romania to Motorized - (We use this optional rule) 4 IPC
    Build 2 Transport  in Stettin Sea Zone - 16 IPC
    1 DD and 1 Sub in Stettin sea zone

    Active Blitzkrieg option - take a second turn

    1 Motorized to Area just north of Crimea
    3 Motorized+ 0-1INF +2 Arty to East Ukraine (east side of Kiev) + 2 Ftr
    4 INF + 2 FTR hit Kiev

    All german navy to Legingrad space plus 1 FTR from Stettin
    1 CA, 2 DD, 2 Subs, 1 FTR hit Soviet Navy (Can pull (1) FTR from Kiev Attack to Improve these odds)

    3 Transports plus 1 Coastal Sub and 1 Coastal Torp Boat invade Leningrad
    4 INF (2 Stettin + 2 East Prussia) and 1 Lt Arm and 1 Cav (That’s right amphibious horsies!!) supported by Medium Bomber

    Non Combat (If using the reinforce base option)
    1 INF plus 1 transport land in leningrad along with 1 or 2 FTRs from naval action.

    End of Turn

    Germany secures 7 IPCs (no map so assuming Leningrad is a (1) IPC space)

    Germany collects 41 IPC turn 1 and presents no serious counter-attack opportunity to the Soviets. Leningrad is garrisoned with 5 INF 1 Lt Arm 1 CAV 1 FTR 1 Transport Plane.

    Japan turn 1 - Declare war on Soviets

    Japan IPC drop to 16 ( I think they lose the US +3 … not really a drop since it has not started)
    US IPC goes to 17

    Japan builds INF and Arty and pushes towards Novo. First turn should overrun 3 Areas adjacent to Manchuria for a +4 IPC shift

    Japan collects 20 IPC turn 1

    Allies IPC is ~60 ( this can be variable due to die rolls)
    Axis IPC is at 68
    Soviet IPC is at 35

    7+ turns of ‘free rein’ in Russia.
    All of Russia’s infrastructure is in range on Leningrad with a couple Medium Bombers and FTRs, which can bleed the soviets of IPCs repairing facilities.
    The Soviet start with ~110 IPC of land troops. This initial attack reduces this by 30 IPC, while the alignment of the Balkans adds ~60 IPC of troops. Further Germany can build on 3 factories on turn 2 while the soviets will not see a ‘good’ build available for action until turn 3. The soviet can not defend every where and the Japanese will probably have an easy time taking Novo. While the factory will be moved this will add a total of 9 IPC to their production to 25. A later invasion of China can still take place depending on previous allied die rolls.

    Italy lend-leases to support move into Russia and into Spain to win the Spanish Civil War. (Odd turn Arty to Romania even a FTR to Spain or an Arty) Should finish by turn 4 or 5 then focus on defense.

    Also a German occupation of the Trans-caucus will result in a +16 IPC shift to the Axis and a -8 IPC shift to Russia along with a +22 IPC infusion of bonus ground troops. Unfortunately Russia can not defend the Trans and Moscow from this assault

    Thank you for all input.

    EDIT forgot Spain aligns with partners in this opening. Nationals to Axis and Repubs to soviets. Will have to review this outcome tonight but I think this strengthens the Soviets but not enough to stop the whirlwind. (Also provides access to those forces permanently which would change Italy’s lead-lease actions … all to Spain to win war)

    EDIT 2 FTR used in naval action is actually a TAC

  • Feel free to ignore my previous post. The move was predicated on the alignment of the balkan minors however their alignment is based on the taking of Paris only. The speed that they may be aligned increases if at war with USSR.

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