G1: How to attack the British navy?

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    Yea, an extra Scotland fighter (Bid) really throws a wrench in the plans.

    Agreed.�  Still crazy to me when I hear about bids in the 30s and 40s.�  UK can hold onto a lot of fleet under those circumstances.�

    Not when you take into account that you can only place 1 bid unit per territory, so stacking Scotland with 2 extra fighters is out. Adding one makes SZ111 more treacherous but it’s still in Germany’s favor. You’d have to also bid extra cruisers or BBs to save one or the other, and there are better places to put bid units than that.

    That one extra fighter in Scotland from a bid makes it difficult to take out 110 and 111.  You can get away with either one but you cant do both without risking some serious Luftwaffe losses.

    Exactly.  If the Allies took a 26 bid and went ftr in Scotland and an extra DD in 110 and 111 it causes serious problems for Germany.  There may be better places to put units, but these options would help.

    I saw someone mention a 40 bid recently and instantly thought “Ok, fighter in Scotland, DD in 111, BB in 110, with 8 ipc to spare!?”

  • If Germany needs to give up the attack on SZ111 in G1 it’s not a huge deal, there are better benefits the Allies can get on a 40 bid.

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    If Germany needs to give up the attack on SZ111 in G1 it’s not a huge deal, there are better benefits the Allies can get on a 40 bid.

    I agree there are better ways to spend, but I don’t necessarily agree that it’s not a big deal for the 111 fleet to survive.  Starting the game with an extra UK BB, C and 2 DD (assuming the bid I mentioned earlier) would be a big.  Park them in 109 with your other surviving ships (the DD and transport in 109 and possibly the DD and transport in 106) and you’re talking a BB, C, 3-4 DD and at least five planes that can scramble.  Turn one and the UK already has a large Atlantic presence.

  • The attack posted by YG is the best.
    One G1 naval attack strategy that I do occasionally:
    106 (or high risk 91): 1 sub
    110: 1 sub 1 battleship 3 fighters 3 t bombers
    111: 3 subs 1 fighter 1 t bomber 2 s bombers
    Attacking 109 instead of 111 is interesting but the British can protect two of their sue units from 111 which is bad. Best of going with YG’s.

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    It isn’t. Stick to two and leave the DD and transport on the west side of the UK alone.

    Doesn’t that leave your subs pretty vulnerable in SZ110? I guess that assumes that at least one survives. If you retreat from SZ111 with the damaged BB I guess that takes any remaining subs with it from there.

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    Great point on the DD in 110.  The BB is definitely overkill, albeit a fun thought.

    I just like the idea of having a big fleet up by London on UK1

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    shove a carrier in 109

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