Sea zone 11 and Mexico

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    On my Pacific 1940 board, a small portion of Mexico extends below the border between sea zones 10 and 11. Looking at the map, it seems likely that the line between these two sea zones was intended to intersect with the border between the Mexico and Southeast Mexico territories. However, I can find no errata or FAQ entries that make this official.

    This question arose during a game yesterday, when the US needed desperately to reload transports to take Hawaii after bringing them through the Panama Canal. If the US could have just slid troops south to Mexico, they could have met the transports that parked in sea zone 11 and saved a turn on their trip to liberate Hawaii.

    We looked at the map and we all agreed that while it looked like the territory connected to sea zone 11 that this was probably not the intent and so we all agreed that the US had to spend yet another turn moving north to pick up the forces in Western US.

    The AAA map shows that the intersection of sea zones 10 and 11 also intersects with the boundary between the territories of Mexico and Southeast Mexico, but this of course is not definitive – it merely reinforces our interpretion.

    An official clarification would be appreciated.

  • Mexico doesn’t border SZ 11

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