WW1 1914 Balance?

  • Setup Changes:
    Add one German Fighter in Munich
    Add two German Submarines in Sea Zone 22
    Add one Ottoman Battleship in Sea Zone 20

    Rule Changes:

    British Empire may only build up to the territorial value in their India factory.

    If a Capital or India is captured, the nation that captured it may build on it, but only up to half of the territorial value, if odd numbered, remove one value and divide in half from there.

    Germany may declare an unrestricted submarine warfare anytime during the game, if declared, following all combat, all German Submarines may roll a die for a two or one to subtract IPCs from British Empire alone while the United States is neutral, in addition, role a die for the United States, if in itself is a two or one, the United States may enter the war immediately. Once the United States enters the war, the rule itself also will apply to the United States.

    Tanks now cost 11 IPCs, but you get two of them.

    Switzerland, if attacked, all true neutrals on the board become friendly to the opposite alliance.

    The United States territory (the capital), once the United States is at war, increases it’s base IPC value by 5 every turn, at the end of the United States’ turn. (Basically, the United States territory would be worth 25 by the end of round 4, for example)

    New Victory Conditions:

    Central Powers win the game if they control at least four of, India, Moscow, Paris, Rome, London, Egypt by the end of United States’ turn, or if they captured the United States.

    Allied Powers win the game if they control at least four of, Berlin, Venice, Budapest, Constantinople, Munich, Ankara, or by holding two Central Power capitals, both at the end of Ottoman Empire’s turn.

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