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    ooh, and as for Italy Strong?  have them finish off the French and take Paris, clear the med with help, and Syria.

    In Game 92, Italy had all 3 oil states and MIC Iraq and Persia.

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    Regarding this move: 1 Sub/1 Bomber/2 Fighters/2 Tacs Sz109

    It’s very interesting because as Germany I would roll this battle before the 2 subs on the Brit cruiser off Gibraltar. Reason being Taranto is on or off the table based on if the cruiser survives or not, if it is removed… I scramble 4 fighters into 109 knowing that I’m not gonna do a Taranto raid. So I would leave the 91 battle last to keep them guessing about wether or not they should scramble into 109.

    Nit pick - I’m sure that the rules don’t allow this - scramble is decided at the end of combat movement, not in bid combat rolling.

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    Hi guys,

    here are some of my thoughts:

    1. Making subs invincible by killing all DDs is a good idea, I played that opener myself back then
    2. Buying 5 subs G1 is not the best idea, simply because Germans need ground units against Russia

    Plus: I Germans leaves 110 untouched then I think it is an appropriate reaction by UK to skip taranto, buy an air base UK1 and put a strong fleet into 92. If played properly that fleet can hammer the Italian fleet earlier or later. Next to that UK should stay calm with the Egypt units an avoid losing Egypt.

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