Russia Makes a Weird Move but i have no way to know what to do

  • Ok in the west he Abandoned KAR bringing all those guys to WR along with the land and air units in russia and he only lost one infantry doing it so KAR is open he places 6 infanry in CAU and 2 in Russ

    i am kinda a newbie

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    ahh the old WRussia stack… btw according to the rules it is impossible to place 6 Infantry in Caucasus because the placement limit is based on the IC’s Territorial Value in IPC’s (in that case 4)… Now where was I… oh yes! He cannot protect himself if you make a focused attack on a point he cannot Defend with all 3 stacks… So move all your units to Belorussia, which should give you 12 Infantry, 6 Armor and how many fighters you are willing to commit… Keep building Armor for the East and an Occasional Infantry for Western Europe or to resupply Afrika If your Tranny made it… Move your Norwegians to Keraila to join up with the Eastern forces in Archangel… then with the Armor you built T1 and moved to Keraila T2 Attack Russia Proper if weak enough… If he saw this and fortified it attack the now weak W Russia… If in any case if he chose to capitalize on your movement and attack you Fortify Keraila for now until you build up a suffiecient force to pull off the above mentioned…


    Note: I have never tried this strat so if someone with more experience could give opinion

  • Did Russia attack the Ukraine on t1? B/c if for some reason he didn’t, I would move all your forces there. ( and I mean everything you got.) Thats a huge blunder for the Allies.

    If Russia did take the Ukraine, then move your forces into Belarussia and retake the Ukraine. But don’t forget to watch your rear b/c western Europe is now vunerable to the Uk.

    Your oppenent used a standard attack for Russia. Usually All the men from Russia, Archangel, and Karielia will go into West russia w/ a tank planes and 1 Art. That way Russia can put a ton of pressure on Germany early!

    If I were I would only buy enough stuff to keep Russia from getting any ideas about taking the Ukraine and Belarussia. I would focus most of my attention to Africa and the uk fleet or taking money away from the Uk by buying Bombers or rolling for rockets.

  • What he’s doing is very much a cornerstone strategy that most Russians should do when fighting against Germany; consolidate a ton of troops in West Russia and use it as a staging point to contest Belorussia, Karelia, and Ukraine. Be extremely careful of your attacks and where you leave troops after them; Russia’s positioning is excellent for reinforcement from West Russia and Caucausus.

    The best overall counter is to basically mirror him; consolidate your forces in Eastern Europe and abandon everything else on the front except leave 1 infantry in each location. What will happen is you both fight for and exchange territories every turn. This is the best you can do if the UK/US are pressuring you from the west. Your fighters will give you a great advantage in retaking territories; send infantry + fighters to retake the territories. Try not to send tanks as you will lose them in the counterattack. When you can, start upping the bar by retaking the territories with more infantry. Russia will run out of men before you do and he shouldn’t dare to send a large force into one of those territories or he’ll be counter attacked by your own huge stack of tanks + fighters + infantry waiting and he’ll be too far to reinforce the attack.

    Germany needs to get into Africa to get the IPC edge needed to push Russia well. If the Allies insist on keeping you out of there, then just play defense; you will never crush Russia alone.

    If the Allies aren’t pressuring you too much, start building stacks of tanks and march your infantry eastward and simply try to overpower his forces. You can pretty much build 8 tanks per turn while Russia is building 8 infantry; combine with the momentum of your fighters and initial tanks and you should be able to outdo his cluster of troops which you will absolutley need to attack at some point.

    I would not recommend putting all your troops in Ukraine. It is too close to everything that Russia can pound you with, and you also cannot spare fighters to simply land there for defense; they must be used elsewhere to throw the UK out of the mediterranean and go into Africa. The best you can reasonably have in Ukraine would be 6 infantry and 6 tanks, which is going to get annihilated by a combined attack from West Russia (11 infantry + 2 art + 4 tanks) and Caucasus (2 fighters + 6 infantry; you cannot deploy 6 infantry in Caucasus but you can move the ones from kazakh into there to combine with the 4 you did deploy there). You would need nearly all of your fighters in Ukraine if you wanted to try to keep it from the first turn and onwards, which is very stupid since it takes a couple of turns to get more troops there while Russia is building right next to you.

  • oh u cant put as many as u want on original ICs i did not know that …. well thanks for the help i am gonna try the mirror / africa thing

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