MIAMI FLORIDA ….new player looking for other players.

  • Well, my first post…

    I’m looking to see what the A&A community is like in South Florida…places to play, player base, age groups, ect…

    I’m currently in the country Walk area and I’m looking for a group to play with, hopefully leaning towards historical scenarios rather than quick games…

    I guess I should also emphasize that I’m looking for A&A MINIATURE players. Nothing against the old school…I still have all my copies of A&A, Shogun, and Fortress America…but I just want to check out the miniature facet of the game.

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    Hey pointman this is off topic but I couldn’t help noticing your sig… Do you play Airsoft? Are you a fellow “Dirty Merc”?


  • Yep….Been playing for about 3 or so years…member of GRU-SV8 and part of Mindgame productions, an airsoft event organizer…

    I was looking into some WW2 airsoft for a while, but it is very hard to get guys into re-enacting down here, so I sold my Thompson, but kept all my gear…maybe I’ll put it to good use at a later date…right now, A&A can fill my WW2 cravings…if I can find a group down here…

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    Cool… I serve in an “ad-hoc” Group Called RISC… I want to get an MG 42 but for now I am trying to get into looking like a Ukrainian Freedom Fighter with my AK… Eventually I’ll jump it to an RPK…

    But enough with my talking in this thread… If I’m ever down in South Florida I’ll give you a PM and maybe drop by for a game…


  • hey no problem….I’d rather discuss airsoft until someone truies to link up for a game…better than sitting here doing nothing 🙂

    I’m part of a local group called SEAL…southeast airsoft legion, but my team is a spetsnaz influnced team called gru-sv8, which itself sprouted when one of the members of shadowcell came down to to Florida… If you are into the whole East bloc airsfot thing; check out

    Apart from that we are also working on developing a game for January in Orlando called Op;Sandstorm…something very similar to what went on in the last Op:Irene. We plan on doing a WW2 scenario soon—Op:Nightwatch.

    Time for some shameless plugs  :roll: 😛

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    That pick is Bad 8-)… So you guys are the sort of event creators in your area? Awesome…  if you make an op Irene do you plan to have the turnout they had and Vehicles or do you want to based off the scenario?

    Man, for time to plan something like that… But as for my shameless images our team headed up to this beast in Mass…

    274 operators(that is our side alone… not including the enemy and a rebel contingent) We had an interesting scenario setup by the coordinators who are trying to pull off something larger in 2006… It is one big continous struggle carried over from year to year based off of your teams successes… Now if they could just get some Humvees…

    Yeah I know about Red-Alliance, thanks for the suggestion though… I plan to pick up some gear from Red-Soldier at some point… They have pretty good deals when it comes to Tactical Camo and Boots…
    My group is a para-military as of yet. Our team leader has a P-90, I have the AK, we have a spetsnaz Sniper, and 3 MP5’s and occasioinally a thompson and no tactical gear except Mag Pouches… So as you can imagine we are the laughingstock of Tactical in the North East… But we are working on possibly specializing Russian as I mentioned…


  • yeah…well good luck saving up for gear and maintaining A&A as a hobby  😉 :lol:

    I’ve reverted back to thinking of all money situations in regards to “how many boosters I could get”

    It’s pretty sad, i know.

    This op that we are planning right now is only set for 125 players since it is set in an industrial site and it is easier for us to referee that number. We do have support from the Natl Guard and will have some Humvess and a few tracked vehicles. We have also been putting alot of work into props such as weapon caches, IEDs, and all sorts of pyros…even rocks for the villagers to throw at either US or insurgent forces (depending on who’s in their favor)…we also have about 20+ actors that will be there to play roles of villagers and such…

    Red Soldier has some good stuff, I suggest the Bekas uniform and the M23 chest rig…especially if you have AK size mags…they are awesome bits of gear and very high quality.

  • I don’t know if you are still looking for players, but I coordinate a group that plays occasionally at FIU south campus. We play either A&A Europe of Pacific, depending on the amount of players we have that day. If you are interested, I can let you know when we will meet again.

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