Looking for Players in Kansas City

  • Hey guys, looking to find some people to play with in KC, or near the metro at least. I own 1942 2nd Ed. , but I am definitely looking forward to play 1940 global as well.

  • Hello, I would prefer to use the Triple A Axis and Allies software and play online, instead of the boardgame.  I have built a huge 10 vs 10 player map for a diehard like me.  I would also prefer to use Teamspeak or Mumble and some kind of headset setup so can talk while playing.  Not really interested in playing the board game and I live in south KC area, go chiefs!!

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    New to this forum and just discovered 1940 Global a couple months ago.  Not new to AA, been playing the original version since it came out.  Live just south of Blue Springs about 15-20 minutes from KC.

    Can travel or host. Will play any version.  I have global, which has been setup & played since purchased.  It’s not quite the Cliffside Bunker, but its become a permanent feature in our game room.

    1942 version looks interesting as I’m finding out there are tournaments for that and Global.


  • I live in Independence and am looking for a group to play with as well. I have 1942 and can host or am willing to travel around the metro. Look forward to hearing from you all.

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    I’m just down the road, south of Blue Springs near 50 HWY.  I’ll send a pm.

  • Wow. I suck at life. I forgot I posted this after I didn’t hear anything for a few weeks. I am definitely interested in playing with you guys, if anyone is still interested! I live in Olathe, and I can drive wherever.

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    JRandel, we might have a game going on 11/18.  Not nailed down yet or where it might be.

    However, we have a Global game set up for 12/3 at Table Top Games in Overland Park (not sure on the time yet).

    Send me your email and I’ll add you to the thread.  More that happy to have you come out for some A&A.

  • Sent you a PM. Thanks!

  • Just registered for this forum.  Rediscovered my old 1984 Classic Edition in a closet a couple weeks ago and caught the fever.  Went out and bought 1942 2nd Edition and am looking for some Kansas City area people to play with.  Would like to get into 1940 Global as well.  I live in Overland Park and am able to host or travel locally to play.

    What’s the story on the “Tabletop Games” remark?  Is that a local game shop?  Sorry if that is a dumb question - I’ve been out of the board game scene for a loooong time, but ready to jump back in.  Thanks!

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    Yeah I have hung on to my original AA game from 80’s as well.  We mostly play the Global versions and occasionally the 1942 version you just purchased.

    TableTop games is a game store with a game room attached that’s available for open games & tournaments when reserved.  I’ve always been a gamer and enjoy seeing what other games are being played there.  Its on Metcalf at 93 rd street in Overland Park.

    I’ll get you added to the email list and look forward to you joining a game with us.

  • Thank you!  I really appreciate it and will look forward to receiving your email.

  • Picked up the anniversary edition for Christmas. Played a lot of the classic in the 1990s as a teen, and on and off with my brother over the years.

    Not too many of my friends are into it, so I googled and landed here. Live in Prairie Village, looking to play any edition, I suppose.

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    We run a KC area club “The Warmongering Malcontents”, these 2016 posters Hambone (Dave Dill) and JANFU (Trevor) and about 10 others are fairly active, and we play Global (Alpha 3 + Bid) 1-2 time a month, either at Tabletop/OP (Saturdays, 10AM start) or Warrensburg (at Bob Roby’s home). We don’t usually play other editions, but for new players, that might be a good start.

    Send me a PM with your email, and I’ll add you to the reply-all group that manages our schedule. Jon

  • Thanks - I sent you a note. Would like to come out some time to check it out.

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