I have an Idea for Historical Board Gaming

  • I was going to create a 1940 game based off of Doug Friend’s 1939 game. I want to create a 1940 game based off of Global 1939, but with fewer Russian territories. I would like to create a 1940 game with an appropriate Dutch roundel. The Dutch roundel for Axis & Allies Global 1940 is historically inaccurate because the Dutch dropped that roundel in late 1939 in favor of the orange triangle symbol.  I was thinking of making a new Global 1940 game for Doug Friend again.

    I have the files on one of my hard drives. I want to download Global 1939 and modify it for 1940 or possibly 1942 with Iraq as a pro-Axis neutral. I was thinking of creating Amazonas for Brazil.  I have gotten people interested in my World War I game already. I was thinking of also creating a game about Wake Island.  I want to recreate World War I from Axis & Allies. I would like to see if any World War I themed plastic miniatures could be made. I would like to see some World War I Russian pieces spray-painted the Soviet color from the Axis & Allies series of games.  I would like to see British pieces painted orange for the Japanese and I am not sure what a Chinese uniform from World War I looked like. China was involved in World War I on the Allied side to get back Tsingtao from the Japanese and to get a place at the Versailles Peace Conference.  I have included China and Japan on the same side.

    Italy and Japan were on the Allied side in World War I.  I have decided to recreate a 1940 scenario. Could I please buy Doug Friend’s 1939 game and modify it for a 1940 game?

    I want to recreate a 1940 game or paint the board for a 1942 game where Japan is poised to invade Australia and the West Coast of the United States of America.  I have decided that I want to create a 1940 or 1942 game.   I have decided to expand the Caribbean to include British islands and to include the Dutch islands in the Caribbean.  My 1940 game is available on my hard drive (if I can get access to it) and I would like World War I themed money for my World War I game and a battle board with silhouettes of World War I tanks, air units, mechanized infantry, battleships, cruisers, destroyers, cavalry, infantry, and submarines.

    Transports do not get any attack or defense. They are destroyed when they are attacked by an enemy player.  The game also has France taking back Alsace-Lorraine and I downloaded it off of HBG and there are too many IPC bonuses.  I argue that the game needs to be a little more balanced.  The Central Powers win by controlling London, Petrograd, and Paris. The Allies win by controlling Berlin, Vienna, and Constantinople, as long as one or more Allied capitals are still in Allied hands.

    Russia becomes the Soviet Union after turn 4 when the October Revolution happens and the Russian Civil War pits the White Russians against the Bolsheviks.  They control certain territories in Russia and if the White Russians win, then the monarchy is restored and if the Bolsheviks win, then the Soviet Union happens.

    The Bolshevik roundel shall be the Soviet Union roundel from the Axis & Allies games.

    Coachofmany, (Doug) can you please see if you can print out roundels for my World War I game?  I would like roundels for the United States, ANZAC, Great Britain, Germany, Austria-Hungary, Ottoman Empire, Serbia, France, China, Portugal, Belgium, and Japan. I have created the star roundel for the Chinese because the famous white sun against a blue background was not adopted until 1928.

    Denmark, Chile, and Sweden are pro-Central Powers neutrals.  ANZAC is in the game played by Great Britain. Japan is controlled by the player that controls Great Britain and is played on Great Britain’s turn.
    Brazil is controlled by the United States and so is China. Chinese units are not allowed to leave China at any time.  They may attack Tsingtao when they are at war with the Central Powers.

    Italy cannot enter the war until after turn 2.  The United States cannot enter the war until turn 3.  China cannot enter the war until the United States in at war with the Central Powers.

    I am not sure of a color for China, so I decided to paint it the pro-Allies neutral color.  I have decided to create 3 infantry for Denmark in case it is attacked by the Allies and about 6 infantry for the Netherlands in case it is attacked by either the Allies or the Central Powers.  Sumatra 1 infantry, Java 1 infantry, Dutch East Indies, 1 infantry, Celebes 1 infantry.

    Any suggestions for setup to make it more balanced or at least work properly?


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