What do you buy, and why?

  • Hi everyone!

    I am very curious to know what you all buy the first two round. I understand that this depends sometimes on what is happening on the board (especially with Italy and UK), so you can give several options…

    This is what I buy (we play without aireal bombardments). Let’s say Germany DOW Russia in G2 and Japan DOW in J3:

    G1 = carrier + 2 subs (I save 2, so I CAN buy an extra transport in R2)
    G2 = 10 artillery + Mech Inf and tanks…

    R1 = 7 artillery + 3 infantry
    R2 = 4 artillery + 7 infantry

    J1 = Minor IC + 2 transports
    J2 = 3 Mech Inf + 2 destroyers + 2 subs

    US1 = 3 carriers (Pacific)
    US2 = 4 destroyers + 4 subs (Pacific)

    UK1 = 6 inf + fighter
    UK2 = carrier + destroyer + sub + ?

    ANZAC1 = sub or transport
    ANZAC2 = carrier

    India1 = 2 mech inf + 3 inf
    India2 = 2 mech inf + 4 inf

    Italy1 = sub
    Italy2 = sub + ???

    (You can leave China out).


  • '14 Customizer

    One thing that comes to mind is USA’s first buy.  Almost every game unless UK rolled awesome is the threat of German subs. For that reason I always buy at least one Destroyer round 1 with USA for the Atlantic.

  • '15

    G1: Depends on what kind of game I’m going for, but usually 7 art or 1 sub, 1 DD, 1 CV
    G2: All tanks

    No real explanation needed on these

    R1 & 2: 9 inf, 1 ftr

    It’s important to expand Russia’s air force

    J1: 2 transports, 1 factory (Shangtung)
    J2: 3 tanks, 2 trans, 1 inf, 1 art

    Again, pretty self explanatory.  I prefer the tanks to mechs because it lets me focus my planes elsewhere.

    US1: 4 transports, 1 CV, 1 DD all in the Atlantic
    US2: 2 transports, 1 CV, 2 inf in the Atlantic, 1 CV in the Pacific

    As most of you know, I believe you buy heavy in the Atlantic US1&2 and then majority spend in the Pacific the rest of the way.  By turn three America has a major landing force threatening several spots.

    UK1: 2 ftrs, save 8
    UK2: (assuming no Sealion) Too hard to say.  Absolutely would have to see the board at this point. My guess is something to assist America in the Atlantic (CV and transports in Canada, more fighters, etc).

    IT1: Usually a fighter
    IT2: Again, just depends too much on the board

    AZ1: 1 tranport, 1 inf
    AZ2: 1 transport, 1 sub or 1 ftr, save 4

    Simple enough

  • Germany: 10 Inf.; cheap & slow, so build them at the start of the game (If the situation is favourable you can build for Seelöwe on G2 with the money captured from France)

    Japan: IC & 2 transports

    Italy: Assuming your BB is sunk, save your money for a carrier. (Save your fighters!) This is the only way the recapture the Med.

    USSR: 9 Inf. & 1 Fighter

    UK-EUR: Transport and Ground-Troops for SAf.

    UK-Pac: Get as much Inf. as you can!

    ANZAC: SUBs, SUBs & SUBs (and if there are IPCs left, build SUBs!)

    USA: Depending on where you want to be offensive.
    The last time I played the US, I’ve invested at 1st heavy for Europe (5 Tanks, 5 Art & 10 Inf; 10 Transports, 1 Carrier +Fighters & 1 Destroyer). I’ve build most of them in SZ10 & Cent.U.S. After the Axis DOW I’ve moved this stuff to SZ 89 & Southeast Mexico. Then off to Gibraltar. (Don’t forget your Brazilian allies!)
    Due to good coordination with the UK we liberated Denmark and on turn 7 captured Berlin.
    After the invasion force for Europe was on the way (done by turn 3), I was able to spend 62 IPCs each turn in the Pacific.

  • From what I remember doing

    G1: carrier (save 14 IPC, collect 51 (france, Yugo,fin) + 17 french = 81)
    G2: 20 mech

    USSR 1: 1 ftr, 4 art, 5 inf
    USSR 2: 5 art 7 inf

    UK1 EU: 6 inf 1 ftr
    UK2 EU: Depends, mIC in egupt/ Carrier in europe/ 2 infs and trannie in s Africa / start building ftrs

    UK1 P: All inf
    UK2 P: mostly inf, if at peace. If at war, some fleet/ftrs and some land

    Anzac1: 3 inf
    anzac2: start builign ftrs while making some landunits

    USA1: if a peace: 9 subs, if at war: 2 carriers, 1 sub and 2 DD for japan
    USA2: 2 carriers for europe, 2 carriers 2 subs for japan

    it1: either ftr or 1 mech, 1 tank for easter front.
    it2: 1 mech + ftr + ??? Depends on money

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