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Props to AA50 41

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    I recently moved and during the unpacking dusted this baby off to take a look after bending my mind for the past 4 years on playing 40 Global.

    Got to say, what nice, clean game.  Just enough territories and units to make it interesting but not get bogged down. The NO’s work well here, with every player likely to get some bonus income.  I really like the victory conditions, basically the Axis have to conquer the world instead of sneak out a victory on 8/6 VCs.  Also got to love the PRINTED money, the factory miniatures, damage tokens, tech tokens, VC tokens and nice trays.  (If I owned Avalon, I’d rerelease G40 as a “classic” edition with both maps all in one w/VC tokens, money, plastic facilities etc. Wouldn’t that be killer?)

    Hard to get back into the more simple mindset of this game, though.  I keep thinking, “oh my harbor or airbase…. etc.” Regardless, next time some AA nerd rolls by maybe I’ll suggest this beauty over the bloodbath, nail biting, unit orgy of G40.

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    Nice post Karl.
    I played Anniversary so much before 1940 came out. Was my favourite map.

  • I know this post is pretty old, but I agree Karl.

    I have a friend that I played endless AA games with a long time ago (classic & revised days). We played AA50 a couple of times when it first came out, but he hasn’t played now for years. He is interested in playing again, so I dug out my AA50 game (had to replenish units I stole over the years). We are planning a game in the next week or so and I’m looking forward to playing AA50 again. I thought about going with 1942 2nd edition, but AA50 is so much better IMO. Who knows maybe he’ll make the jump to G40 after……

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