Contain Germany

  • The US has to make the big choices for the allies in the game: will it contain Germany or Japan. We have talked about Japan in my previous post. But now I am curious how you all contain Germany.

    We usually go for Norway, but that’s a tough nut to crunge. Especially because we are usually more focussed on containing Japan the first rounds.

    How do you do it? What’s the role of the US and what of the UK?


  • '15

    I do it with heavy US buys in the Atlantic the first couple of rounds (followed by majority spending in the Pacific the rest of the way).  With proper spending and coordinating with UK, the Allies can have a legit force threatening multiple territories by the end of turn 3.

  • I play a more balanced game of 60/40 leaning to teh Atlantic early on and then switching to the Pacific at around turn 6-7.  U.S. bombers to the UK to help pound German factories and loaded transports, destroyers and cruisers to Gibraltor.  Your there in one move from the East Coast and from there can hit Norway, Normandy, Gibraltor, Morocco, or Italy.  If the Italy has taken Gibraltor…take it back and open up the Med.  If the UK is strugling in North Africa, Help them out.  How does this Contain Germany?  The opening of the Med means the usually less protected souther Europe or Balkens are easier to take and advance right at the heart of Germanyand can redirect their efforts to give the Soviets a chance to fight back. Once you get a series of convoys going back and forth between Gibraltor and the East Coast and the Med has been opened, you can hit the Germans in so many places that they will have to expend Soviet bound resources in Western Europe.  They can’t fight in every direction.  Fighters and bombers from Gibraltor (add an airbase) and London can help defend against dark skies and also activate green skies and we in the midwest know what green skies mean.

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