Anyone ever try 8 Victory City win for AA42.2?

  • I was looking at the rules for revised and saw there were multiple win conditions back then:

    8 VCs - Minor Victory
    10 VCs - Major
    12 VCs - Total

    I’ve read that '42 is pretty much the next successor to the original after Revised, is it feasible to to run with these victory conditions or are the new rules/setup too different to make this feasible? (they seem quite similar at a glance)

  • Hi Bomber,

    in nearly all of our 1942 games (1st & 2nd Ed.) we played several turns until it was pretty obvious which side has no chance of winning any more. In most cases this was achieved after 5-6 turns.

  • Yeah but, isn’t it more fun to actually be able to complete objectives, regardless of minor/major distinction?

    I feel like repeatedly calling it quits during midgame doesn’t seem to give that same feel of accomplishment?

  • Also, I wonder if having an 8 VC count makes the Axis advantage overbearing? May have to play with a bid for something like this

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