Strategy Axis for Global 1940?

  • Two questions (actually four…:p):

    1. Sealion or Barbarossa? And why?

    2. On which turn should Japan attack UK and US? Why?

    Thank you!

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    Both questions really depend on how the game is going up to that point.

    I personally don’t favor Sealion because any experienced Russia player will make you pay for it (Russia should steadily collect 60+ from its third turn on in a SL game).  Sometimes an opportunity can present itself later in the game and you can sneak attack them with it, but in general I believe it’s a weak opening strategy.

    As for the second question, you could make arguments for all turns 1-4.  It just depends when you want to go for it, what the overall Axis strategy is, etc.  Turn 3 seems to be the most common in my groups.

  • I agree with the gentlemen before me.

    To add a little food for thought about your second question:

    Japan attacks turn1 (J1) is basically meant to conquer India + money Islands asap. Best read Cow’s thread about how-to.
    Japan attacks turn2 (J2) usually means the same as J1, only a little delayed. With extra time to prepare, this is perfectly fine.
    Japan attacks turn3 (J3), or even turn 4 (J4) is mostly used for other things than conquering India fast. Best example I know is the economic game, where Japan takes everything east of Moscow fast (including China), but does not conquer India as fast. Since India should be isolated and economically crippled, this is no problem.

    The uncertainty in all those plans is, ofc, what the USA is going to do. If the USA is heavily focusing on Japan, then I think J1 is the best option for Japan. Thing is, turn 1 Japan cannot tell what the USA is going to do (unless you know your opponent well)…

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    To answer your points:

    1: The Axis don’t decide this, England does. If nothing is built on London UK1, it’s attractive for Germany to do it. The more they build, the more it quickly becomes less and less attractive. G2/G3 Barbarossa is much, much safer. I still see Sea Lion a lot in my real-life group simply because they like to change things up, though in competitive play you’ll see it far, far less.

    2: J1, unless the Russians stack Amur, or you’re trying to do something other than win the game. You cripple India’s income immediately, you can still punish China brutally (even killing it if the Russians/Americans don’t push on you too hard too soon), and the Money islands are yours to allow you to compete economically with the USA by J3.

  • Okay thanks for the insight.

    1. Barbarossa it is!

    2. Most of my opponents, when they play the US, play a almost-all-Pacific game. Why is it better to attack in the first round then the third? And how do you go about it? How do you defeat China? And I always defeat China in round four (with an extra MIC in Kiangsu). Is that still possible?

    And with how many Japanese troops do you attack Russia? My opponents retreat all 18 units from the far east to Moscow asap…

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