• Anyone have a color scheme or reference for the armed forces of the neutrals?  Anyone paint their neutrals anything other than a solid color?

    I am trying to decide if it would be nice to have the neutrals painted their own scheme or if it would be distracting and hard to tell apart.

  • '14 Customizer

    I just finished doing that exact same thing. I first researched the countries and tried to find a uniform and match colors to them. Some of them I could not find like some of the Persian, Iraq and Saudi Arabia uniforms. I made them all the same with desert camo. I then made roundels with my printer on decal paper and put them on the bases of the neutrals. Here is a few pics of them.

    If you notice there are multiples of Mongolia (x4) and Portugal (x3) to cover the Neutrals in South Africa.

  • A bland but symbolically appropriate colour for the neutrals would be “neutral grey”, a.k.a. middle grey, a term associated with those 18% reflectance neutral test cards manufactured by Kodak to help photographers get a correct exposure with their light meters.  But of course that only works for folks who prefer solid-coloured sculpts, not for the folks who have the skill and patience to do the kind of impressive customization work done by the forum’s resident painters, as in the example above.

  • great job Cyanight….

  • Those look awesome.  Nice job

  • Beautiful! Thanks for posting the pictures. I may try some of both options using the mono-scheme as my back up.

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