Autumn 2015 Battle of Britain - 8th November 2015 - see Battle Report

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    This all day 1942.2 event will be held in Derbyshire, UK.

    We currently have 8 players, including four from this forum, and can include up to 2 more.

    If you are interested please either reply to this thread in Events or PM Private Panic.

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    Another great day of 1942.2 action!

    I think it is fair to say that both games provided lots of drama and - unusually - a clear outcome was achieved in each. Here is a brief battle report, to which others may wish to add their comments and corrections!

    We had eight players which were allocated to two games of four players.

    Game 1: Credulous, Private Panic, NFP1 and NFP2 (non forum players)

    Sides allocated by bid, with PP and NFP1 gaining the allies on a 13 bid.

    Lots happened, with the usual US/J fleet dancing in the Pacific, the UK managing to hang on to India and Africa and G wiping out half the Allied Atlantic fleet. But in the end it came down to the Russian front.

    Both G &R built up significant stacks with R managing to hang on to over 20 income per turn right to the end. But combined G&J SBRs on Moscow were reducing R buys to 3 or 4 infantry per turn. Allied SBRs on Berlin were less successful.

    Nevertheless, with the evening advancing and both sides staring at a draw, we agreed to end the game after the next round of play. Perhaps encouraged by this G risked taking Caucasus with its whole stack. R announced that it would attack that stack if allowed to take its next go. It was agreed that the outcome of that attack and G’s subsequent response would decide the game in a blaze of glory!

    The loss of G’s Caucasus stack would leave one G land unit within range of Moscow - an infantry in West Russia. R allocated 1 inf and 1 art to destroy that G inf and attacked Caucasus with everything else.

    The result was an epic Stalingrad moment in which R prevailed with 1 art and 3 figs remaining.

    However the R inf + art attack on G’s 1 inf in W Russia failed! G then launched that inf supported by 4 fighters and 3 bombers at Moscow which was defended by 4 inf, 3 figs and 2 AA. The AA missed and G took Moscow with the inf and 2 bombers left.

    What a way to finish a game!

    Game 2: Dukla Passer, wittman, NFP3 & NFP4

    Dukla Passer & NFP3 as axis, wittman & NFP4 as allies. No bids.

    During the early stages the UK lost INDIA as the price to pay for keeping ‘‘AFRIKA’’.

    There followed a big Naval battle off the Philippine Islands between J/US where the J navy was obliterated. Instead of thereafter contesting the Pacific, J invested in land units sweeping west across Asia.

    G took Caucasus round 4 with 3 or 4 units remaining, but then reinforced by J with 3 tanks and 4 or 5 planes. R’s attempt to retake this territory lost it so much materiel that G then captured Moscow with one tank left.

    At the end the UK and US controlled ATLANTIC and PACIFIC + AFRICA but these had no real impact on the situation in EUROPE/ASIA and the Allies had no prospect of regaining Moscow. Declared an Axis victory.

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