Just for Fun: Foamy

  • Some of you I am sure have been to this site, but for those who may never have run into it…


    The current episode is about the “War on Christmas” and is hysterical.

    Be sure to click “toons” and check out some of the archives like Tech Support, Amplified Bible, and SQUIRREL SONGS!  And you Starbucks fans will love “Small, Medium, Large” and “Coffee House Propaganda”

    Figured I would give everyone something a bit lighter to enjoy after all of the serious discussions lately 🙂  Enjoy!

  • good stuff, im not religious in any aspect, and i think christmas is a made up hoiliday (because, and this goes with most major hoilidays, it is in the middle of the worst part of the year, i think people invented christmas to have something to look forward to in the middle of winter, otherwise people go nuts. i can elaborate on this later, but in my wierd head it makes sence.) even when i feel like this i think if someone wants to throw a hollow plastic baby jesus with a light bulb up his @$$ on thier front lawn, then more power to them.

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