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    As America this is my favorite strategy right now. I say right now because all strats are beatable and therefore change.

    Turn 1, buy 1 Bomber and 2 transports 1Armor and save 3IPC
    Fly Fighters and Bomber to Britain (Note if Britain bought an AC then they go there, if not one fighter stops for a turn in eastern Canada.) My fighters will continue on to Karalia on turn 2.
    Use the Transport in the Pacific to block while the Battleship heads for Panama and the Atlantic.
    Load 2 Infantry on transport in the Atlantic and drop them in Spain. Pay the 3IPC

    From this point it never goes exactly the same. I try to buy I bomber a turn and fly them to Britain. I buy Infantry for the west coast a little at a time. I build 2 transports when ever my fleet is in port so my fleet is consolidated and safe.

    In Spain I have a few options. If Germany takes it I land in Gibralter. If Germany takes Gibralter I take Algeria. If Germany leaves it alone I begin to stock pile there and draw the German forces away from Eastern Europe and Africa. If I need to I can transfer troops to Africa or Finland.

    I also begin strat bombing germany on turn 2. If I make an attack into Europe I can use my bombers and fighters to support that.

    If the German sub hits my Transport in the Atlantic I sink it and delay my plans by one turn, however with the delay I will be stronger when I hit Spain.

    Most important is to keep it as flexable as possible.

  • A question about your opening purchase, why buy ARM instead of an inf.? It saves you 2 IPC’s and it’s better to transport 2 inf. then just one tank. Other then that, the strat. looks promising. I always like new ideas 😉

  • Yes, I do see the flexibility for the Allies in such a strategy.

  • Hes saving 3icp for Spain.

  • Also another thing with your strats. Are you taking Spain a little too early. By taking Spain you’ve invested 9 IPCs (neutrality, 2 inf). Early in the game the Germany force can usually take Spain in force and fortify it with inf. / ftrs. Maybe a later/ heavier assualt on Spain later that would force Germany to spend more IPCs trying to take and hold it?

  • Since we are discussing America, What do you

    all think about the US using Canada as a land


  • Using Canada as a staging point to mobolize American forces is a great move as it lessens the amount of time it takes for transports to reach Russia by two whole turns!

  • I’ve been doing just that these past few games. Dropping off troops every turn in Africa, Spain, Western Europe, or Finland really puts pressure on Germany…

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    I like it when Germany hits me in spain on the second turn.

    If gemany takes and fortifies spain thats fewer troops in eastern Europe. Then I can start massing in Algeria. If you check your map Algeria is one transport move from every teritory in Europe.

    Most good players I’ve played just start adding troops in Western Europe.

  • I like it, but you might want to consider nixxing the Armor on T1, takes up too much transport space.

  • Yes a early rush of inf. off Spain would definately force Germany to transfer forces to W. Europe but how hard is it to defeat two inf.? How about 6+ inf. two turns from now? Why make a small splash now when you can make a big one later? Besides, I think America’s efforts at the beginning of the game would be solely to liberate N. Africa.

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    The whole Idea is to try and draw Germany into capturing and defending a territory that is worthless. On your second turn you can hit Africa and some times I even drop an Infantry in Gibralter, just to try to draw germany out even further.

    What it comes down to is, America needs to engage Germany in some way as soon as possible to distract them away from Russia. Every unit that is not put against Russia is one unit that Russia can put against Japan.

  • Yeah, I see Dezert’s planning here. Get Germany at a disadvantage early, make them think your gonna keep going for Spain, and hit them hard somewhere else. Great plan.

  • Well if you trying to rush troops into Europe/Africa as soon as possible, why not even bother with Gibralter? If you invade Spain and then Algeria, you can save two turns in the process.

  • Sounds like the plan is to keep Germany guessing and keeping German troops in Western Europe tied down with defense instead of attacking the Russians in the East. Whatever the US objective may be can remain hidden until enough troops are massed in a given territory and then relocated. Only then are the US’ real intentions revealed at Germany’s expense.
    Is this close to the mark Dzertfish?

  • This sounds like a good strat. One problem however, where ya gonna get those three extra I.P.Cs??? 1 Bomber=15, 2 transports=16 ( at * a peice) and the armour equals 5. if we add that up, it equals 36, which is what america starts with. Just curious is all.

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    LOL…I dont know where I came up with that math! It made sense yesterday! Just drop the armor and Save 2.

    That is the Idea FM, Once you make the landing in Spain if Germany takes it, it is a useless piece of German territory but if Germany is defending it thier defences will be weeker somewhere else. Remember what I said about Algeria. It is a transport ride away from any German territory Exept the Ukraine. If you are moving your troops to eastern Canada your fleet is never out of attack position. Just park it on the atlantic coast of Algeria and make shuttle runs to Canada to pick up your troops.

  • Let’s do a little math:

    1 bomber + 2 transport + 1 armor =
    15 IPCs + 16 IPCs + 5 IPCs = 36 IPCs.

    The USA starts with 36 IPCs. I don’t see how you have “saved 3 IPCs” with this purchase.

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    Did you read the post directly above the post you made? I guess not.

  • Here’s a key weakness in the opening turn. Once you unload the transport with 2 inf. What’s to happen to the transport? It’s unprotected an a sitting duck for German planes. Also on the subsequent invasion the next turn, you can only but up 1 ARM. Easily defendable against, while hampering US’s efforts later in the game for an invasion of Africa with 6 inf., 1 arm on the second turn.

  • Precisely, TG Moses….this is not a good opening for the US. One dead tranny, $3 wasted too early, 2 WE Inf + 2-3 Ftrs kills the invader anyway or else just ignore the 2 Inf. What else is the Luftwaffe gonna do on G2 anyway? Worse still, the German inf survivors in Spain (if any) likely live to retreat to WE, because there is no way of hitting Spain again on either UK 2 or US 2 without leaving the Allied trannies unprotected…short of the UK sending her carrier there for defense, which leaves me jumping for joy since she won’t be able to build any new trannies on UK 2 or they are defenseless. The point is with only 1 capital ship, you cannot defend the NSea and the WSpainSz. The only alternative is for the UK to build a second capital ship. Which leaves me very happy as well. Nothing like wasting a ton of Allied resources on a worthless territory.

    This is a bad bad idea. If you are going to potentially waste a US tranny, you are much better to put the 2 men in Africa in either Algeria or FWA and secure Africa as early as possible.


  • Yes. USA’s main goal in within the first two turns is to get as many men in Africa as possible. Slicing away at a neutral country does nothing of an IPC value to the Axis and Allies. Taking Spain does offer an important staging point but later in the game (at least 4th turn). And you don’t want to spread your forces too thin, especially for UK. Losing a capital ship is one loss that cannot be easily recovered.

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    Well, like I said above any stratgy can be beaten. I have used this strategy with succes before. I think that if you use the exact same strategy for every game it gets borring and predictable. Also If you find a decient strategy that is a change of pace it can throw off your opponent.

    I also belive that good strategies should be fairly general in case you encounter something unexpected.

    I came up with this strategy after seeing western Europe weakly held in the begining of the game time after time. That is less common in my games now:)

  • Yeah. When I started playing Germany I always kept at least 6 inf. and ftrs there in WE on each turn. But the more I played, the less amount of forces I put into WE, especially in the first 3 turns. But strats like these… maybe I’ll change my tactics against a daring American player, jah?

  • My America strategy is to throw everything you got against germany, fully before even buying one unit against japan (i’m trying to fiddle around to see what ratio of ipcs i should spend for each front.)

    Western Europe can at times be taken in turn one, and if not, men can be thrown into africa. If Britain buys a carrier in turn one and transports, an America buys all infantry and transports, you can slowly castrate germany. Take norway, eastern europe, and with the bulk of your forces aim for Western Europe, outbuild germany, take southern, and then slowly outbuild germany and take germany itself.

    Axis and Allies is a race between who can kill the other faster. If the allies can kill germany, and if russia can save itself from japan, the allies won. If Japan builds enough and to take russia before germany is gone.

    Personally, every time I see Japan attack pearl harbor, they not only lose their entire fleet (one battleship, one transport, one bobmer, and two fighters if japan didn’t land in hawaii.) If japan doesn’t attack, they could draw the us fleet close to land, and with their giant airforce blow the Americans to smitherines. Just today, i lost a transport, sub, and fighter taking out the entire US fleet. The US fleet has to stay in the pacific to detur japanese forces from total domination of Asia by turn 3. But by turn 4, you have to pray Germany is hurting or the game is over.

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