Production for Russia as a Result of Germany Attacking Baltic States Question

  • Page 25 states that If Germany attacks or controls Eastern Poland and/or The Baltic States, Russia can declare war on Germany. Starting on turn 1 Russia will roll 2d12 at the end of each turn to determine its income level and add them together until Russia reaches its full production of 48.  When Russia reaches full production it can declare war on Germany/Italy….If Germany and/or Italy declare war on Russia, Russian income is automatically set to 48.

    The way I read this is that Russia can declare war on Germany due to attacking the Baltic States, but its production does not automatically go to 48 like in other instances.  Russia still has to roll its income until it reaches full capacity.

    1. Is the above thought correct? Or is it automatic?
    2. Do they have to meet both requirements to declare war?  German attack and 48 IPC before they can actually declare and attack prior to round 5?

  • If Germany invades the Baltic States or East Poland, Russia will consider this as an act of war. Russia is moved up to its full production and is at war with Germany.

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