• I usually play 100 point armies, but sometimes play 150 points.  In these cases, there is room for just one, maybe two German tanks if one wants to have a versatile force.

    The Tiger tank’s 63 points is prohibitive in 100 games.  Along with a Haupsturmfuhrer, you have just 30 points left to build an army.

    I have found the 49-point SS-Panther to pack enough fire power without taking up too much “space” in the army.

  • I agree.

  • panther good, panther cheap (well compared to the tiger anyways), panther powerful

    tiger amazing, tiger very very very expensive. this make tiger 1 both good and bad

    i have 7 tiger 1’s now, i only use them for huge games, things like 1000 pt games, nothing like having all 7 of them out there destroying my friends group of 28 Stuarts, he he he.

  • 1000 point games???

    You are crazy.  The map isn’t big enough!

    I have played 200 points.  My friend and I recreated the battle of Kursk.  German versus Russian tank battle.  I find if there are too many pieces on the map it cuts down on maneuverability.  Speaking of which, the Soviet T-34, Guards T-34, and the T-70 have great maneuverability.  If you can flank those German tanks they aren’t so fierce anymore (rear defense).

  • @General:

    1000 point games???

    You are crazy.  The map isn’t big enough!

    thats why me an my buddies made our own map, one that can be changed infinitely as it is the map area is 6ft long and 4 ft wide. it is a huge, really sturdy and heavy wooden table we built, that was the easy part, drawing in the hex’s was the hard part. but i let my artsy fartsy freind do that, did a good job to. we also made a crap load of terrian peices, diff colors for diff terrian. that way we can make a new map every time.

  • Konings,  do you have pictures ??

  • Founder TripleA Admin

    The problem with the Panther is the super weak rear armor. Once the Panther is disrupted even a soldier with only 5 close assualt can take it out. It’s too expensive for the poor rear armor.

  • For all the points German tanks are worth, they should get more attack dice at long range.  German tanks did indeed destroy enemy tanks during WWII in one shot at ranges of 1000 yards.  Not all the time, but it of course happened.  In this game, you would have to roll 10 to 12 successes out of 12 to 14 dice, depending on the tanks involved, to destroy it in one roll.  Has never happened in any game I have played.

    Most tanks at close range can wreck each other.  Even the Sherman gets 13 dice at close range, enough to damage a German tank.
    At long range the difference should be felt… to me, range is a huge tactical part of the game.

    What ever happened to 5 Shermans for 1 Tiger?  Wasn’t that the ratio?

  • With regards to djensen’s last reply, I figure that the theme behind the German tanks is NOT to let the enemy get behind you.  If you set your armor up in a line formation, then you can just blast anyone who approaches your line.  (Kinda like Missile Command!)

  • Founder TripleA Admin

    Well, there are a few problems with that.

    • The map is relatively small.
    • Setting up 5 hexes in get’s everybody into the action right away.
    • You need to get onto the objective and hold it to win.

    Holding back one or two tanks might work ut you still need heavy armor to hold the objective.

  • Founder TripleA Admin

    So to help give Germany a slight extra advantage, we play as a house rule that the vehicles must setup on the back hexes. It really helps balance the game.

    Apparently in the original play tested versions of the game all units started on the back hexes but the game took to long. So instead of having infantry setup 5 in and the vehicles on the back. They did everything in the first 5 hexes.

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