Hosting games and finding players

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    Hello everyone,

    I made a YouTube video discussing and advising on how to host Axis & Allies games and find players, I hope you find it helpful.


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    Nice video! I’ve had no luck at all getting strangers to try the game. Once I mailed out about 30 flyers around my neighborhood and got no takers at all. The only way I’ve gotten people to try it is with people who knew me already and trusted in me that it would be fun.

    Establishing contact is one thing - then there are other considerations, like are they drinkers/smokers/stuck on one version of the game/etc. I think you covered those things pretty well on the video.

    I like your idea of hosting a game with all new players the best - people seem to join in a group easier if they all come in on the same level, instead of one new guy trying to break in and fit with three old vets. The new guy will usually feel like an outsider in that scenario, and won’t stick.

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    Thanks DK, I forgot to mention the over bearing drunks mainly because I’ve never been confronted with that issue (yet), but I guess “undesirables” can include all kinds of problem people. I’ve always liked your passion for the game… even more so knowing that you handed out flyers like that (lol).


  • Thank you Grasshopper.  That brought me over here.  If I am ever in Toronto, I will look you guys up for a game

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    Thank you Grasshopper.  That brought me over here.  If I am ever in Toronto, I will look you guys up for a game

    Absolutely, I would love that!

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    I am a newbie. I have always wanted to play AnA and am now able to allocate the time for this game and make it another quality new hobby !

    I have watched lots of videos, but would like to know if you are aware of any players in the Phoenix area who would allow me to watch them play, and then possibly join in once I am prepared.


    Axis and Allies, 1940 2nd Edition - Europe
    Axis and Allies, 1940 2nd Edition - Pacific
    Axis and Allies, 1940 2nd Edition - Global
    Axis and Allies, WWI
    Axis and Allies - all other versions.

    Phoenix, Arizona, USA
    Screen Name: Westy

    Thank you !

  • westy i am in the phoenix area and would love to play a game sometime, i used to play axis and allies when i was younger. recently got back into it, i just bought spring 1942 and haven’t had a chance to play it yet. my girlfriend used to play as well and she is interested in relearning the game. message me if your interested. anyone else in the phoenix area is welcome to reach out to me also 🙂


  • Great job on the YT Channel YG

    Soo …. Where abouts are you in Toronto ?

    I’m currently in Brampton myself 🙂

    Born and raised in Toronto, grew up in East York actually 🙂

    Anyway I would love to get an opportunity to play A&A with some other enthusiasts in the GTA

    I figure you would be a great person to reach out to in hopes of getting some face/game time in.

    I’m a total newb but currently own
    1942 2nd
    Anniversary (waiting for Wizards to ship my replacement)
    G40 (the twins)

    Thanks again for all your hard work with the vids


  • channel not working anymore…

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    yea think it’s been shut down. General Hand Grenade has some videos I believe

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