• What is the recommended amount of ipc tokens?
    And unit chips + extra units?

  • By ipc tokens do you mean territory control markers? I picked up extra ANZAC & Italian tokens in case I wanted to play with some dif house rules.  I also prefer the chips for 1942 2nd ed.  I use the starting chips from that game and 2 supplemental packages from hbg.  I also use an American fighter from 1941 for the Flying tiger piece in china.  But honestly, the initial pieces they give you from both 1940 Euro/Pac is enough.  Maybe some more dice.  That’s about all IMO

  • Yes sorry I was short. Had not much time.

    For currency I plan to use casino chips. Any idea how much of wich to order? ?x1 ?x5, ?x10, ?x20, ?x25
    Its just that I read everywhere there is always something short.
    Does it have enough factory’s?
    I’ll probably use the chips from both the global pieces. Might order extra.

    I’m looking forward to play global (Ordered the games).
    Been over a decade (±15years) since I played a&a 42 from the 80’s.

    It’s just that I want to make sure there is nothing short when we start the in the war room.

  • Well, for each money value, you only need the number of players times the maximum number of those bills/chips to get more than or equal to the next value. For example, you only need 9*4=36 1’s, since no player will have more than 4 1’s, since 5’s exist. The only issue is the highest denomination, but you can probably assume that no player will have more than about 150 IPC’s ever.

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