• Help!

    I can’t seem to destroy the German fleet in the Med sea
    zone. My opponent is KILLING me. I have tried everything in the book. This includes using the RAF, US airforce, both of their navy’s. I usually take all three of the allies and try to kill Germany but I can’t
    because he kills me in Africa and then holds me off in Europe. I just can’t figure out how to stop him.

    Please help me!!

  • If he’s spending as much as it sound like he is on his navy then you shouldn’t have to worry about him for long. The Russians should be able to smash through the front in a couple of turns, in which case his navy will be entirely useless.

  • He gets control of Africa and holds on to it.
    I have tried finding a weakness but I can’t
    Usually on the Eastern Front if I have 20
    russians he has 20 germans plus tanks and fighters so attacking him would be sucide.
    Should I not worry about his fleet and just keep to the flow of the allies onto the continent of Europe?

  • Is this a small isolated incident? Maybe you opponent just had a very lucky day? Can you go more in detail with what that German player is purchasing? Usually the RAF, USAF, or Russian airforce (what do they call theirs?) can take out the German fleet in range at either Gibraltar or the Caucasus.

  • Basically he takes africa very effectively.
    Therefor he cuts money from the Brits cuttign their bomber supply. I don’t build an airforce with russia cause they need infantry (i think) and the US give up to much if all they do is try and knock out the german fleet. Maybe his fleet isn’t the key.

  • Forget about Africa for now. What is the German player buying? Does he use only the Navy he started out with in the game or does he continually beef up his armada? If you can’t knock out the German Navy with one airforce, then you may have to use all three. By pounding the German Navy with both UK and USA bombers/ftrs (maybe USSR to pick out the remaining survivors) victory is assured.

  • If the player is continually building up its navy, then something has to give on his/her other fronts (i.e. Eastern Front).

  • Yeah,

    That is true but in order for it to happen so am I. For example if I were to build up
    and use all three of the air forces like
    you suggested I may end up taking his fleet
    out but by then he is KILLING me in other
    areas. For example I used the US and Brits
    built up with them and then tried the Russ
    air units. Only problem was the German army
    crushed the russians. SO I guess my main issue is balancing the ability to stop him in africa and using his navy against russia.
    Also doing this while gaining ground on him in Europe. Should I continue to try and
    overpower him with all of the allies?

  • Can anyone else please help me on this?

  • could you give more details as to what is the german player buying and placing in the med.

    usually what a german player does is just buy transports and use their BS for protection.

    but if this is the case it isnt to hard to get them out of the way with the RAF in the first few turns, with the help of the USAF.

  • My opponent is doing exactly what you say.
    The problem is that he can take africa before I can knock his navy out. My main concern is that his navy is so effective because he always takes africa and then secures it. Besides building an airforce to take out his navy what do you all do to stop the German’s from taking and keeping africa?

  • DETAILS!!!

    If I build up air units with the allies I am neglecting my transports and inf to attack Germany’s body. He will build up his stuff according to what i do. If I build up a large air force than he builds his navy a little stronger like a carrier with the transports and battleship. He is killing me so bad that I might just say the hell with the game altogther. I just feel like never playing again!

  • German builds a carrier and transport to counter the British RAF? Good. That’s just 8 more inf. that Germany won’t have to defend WE or the Eastern Front.

  • it seems that if he builds transports to send men into africa that he would have significantly less infantry per turn (i.e. about 2 maybe 4 if he had very little tanks)…thus he puts little if any pressure on russia. don’t buy bombers with the uk…buy fighters and transports to help amreica get men on the mainland…after u stockpile infantry with russia buy a few tanks and attack…he really shouldn’t have enough to stop u if hes putting as much into the med as u say he is

  • Dear Anonymous,

    At the start of the game, Germany has 2 INF, 1 ARM in Africa with +2 INF per turn via TRN. On Ger T1, GER with take (usually) FWA, FEA, and AES (let them be really lucky and sneak both BB and TRN past the SUB). Now Germany doesn’t have too many units there, and still has to worry about the best way to digest the INF in SAF, and take southern africa.

    Now, if this is the case, you have several options. You can evacuate IND, and use the SYR INF, 2 INF IND, and FGT IND to attack back in AES. This will weaken the asian front a bit, but Germany’s african ambitions are over.

    On the other hand, you may prefer to build conservatively in UK (1 AC, 1 INF, 1 TRN). After a couple of turns building TRN and INF, even if you lose all of africa in the shortest possible time, you will 4 TRN by the end of UKT3. Germany’s units will have just taken SAF and be rushing back to northern Africa. The 8 UK INF (in addition to the 12 or so that US can put in Africa in the same go) will easily march through the 2+8=10INF (Maximum) and 1 ARM with air support.

    Do bear in mind that if GER is pushing 2 INF per turn to africa he is committing suicide in europe. WEU with 8 INF can be taken with an amphibious assault with the conditions above. Just wait for GER to get cocky and leave only 10 INF or so in GER, then amphib assault with UK (sack a few planes) then the US to take GER and all his money. Ger can retake Berlin, but for the cost of the RAF, you can remove Germany’s build ability and gain 30+IPC’s for USA.

    And I think the point has been made before that EEU might be a little understaffed.

    Bear in mind that the more territory GER takes, the more he has to defend, and thus the easier it will be to find the crucial hole in his defences.

    Hope that’s some help

    Good luck!

  • If the German fleet is smart and anahilates the British fleet, and American transport, you can still destroy their remains (If any!) with your two fighters and a bomber, plus, America has their own Bomber and fighter just incase the axis had freakish luck. Don’t forget to use your British mediteranean sub to attempt to destroy the surviving German (technically Italian) battleship with some planes landing in Gibraltar. Usually the axis sub and transport die in the huge confrontation with the Russian and British navies combined. Actually, Germany never has a fleet in the games I play, but they can still threaten the allied fleet with the remains of their Luftwaffe. Good diversion to help Russia out at times.

  • Well I don’t think UK can destroy the German Med. Fleet until at least T2. The reason is if Germany stays within SE or EE sea zones then the UK fighters are impossible of reaching them.

  • usually there is only a battleship left, unless germany bought a fleet (they should of bought tanks for russia.) a bomber and sub can take out the german BB. if the bb is near gibraltar, then you can use both fighters.

  • I dunno, I’ve had some luck before w/ a T1 attack on Gibraltar w/ 1 BB, 1 TR, 1 SUB and a FTR. The TR lands an ARM on Gibraltar (to be TRd to Africa T2 if all goes well). If the SUB hits, no harm, no foul, but if the British BB gets a counter I take the FTR. Sounds insane, right? But if I take French West Africa and Central Africa, the USA BMR has no place to land, and only the UK BMR can hit me since I took Gibraltar. Now, if they attack I might lose a small ship, but they will lose a BMR. Same holds true for if UK takes Algeria or FWA and USA lands their BMR on it. In both these cases odds are good I can retreat my BB at least T2 and the Allies have lost 1-2 BMRs. Sure I gotta pray I take Egypt, and I lose an extra FTR T1, but my fleet will often hold out.

    Just another crazy idea…


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  • I think that the Med. would still be intact since I don’t know how the transport would be missing… Also I usually won’t take Gibraltar until at least T2, namely because I’ve sent my transport to help with the Egyptian invasion. Also if UK is stupid enough to land ftrs. on Gibraltar on T1, then good for me. As Germany I can just invade Gilbraltar with 2 inf. supported by ftrs and bb fire. Even if the UK ftrs. score hits I only lose 6 IPCs compared with UK’s loss of 24 IPCs.

    Nowadays, I won’t be placed in this great situation since most of the players I’ve played again have wised up and won’t make the same dumb move twice. Besides, the Caucasus, Ukraine, or EE offers almost the same vantage point.

  • maybe my strategy is flawed, but I do an all out attack on every allied ship:

    1 sub versus american transport
    1 fighter from wetsern europe versus brit trans
    one battle ship and one trans versus brit battleship
    3 fighters, one bomber, one trans and one sub versus brit and russian fleet in north sea
    last fighter from ukraine flies to egypt and attacks with one tank and one infantry.
    With a fighter in libya, and a fighter in western europe, i can attack any transport that might of survived trying to reclaim africa.
    this has worked for me…

  • Sounds good, but are you playing this with single hit BBs and Russia Restricted? Also you plan leaves out the Sub in the Egypt Sea Zone. Why not use the ftr. sent to Egypt to take this out?

  • On 2002-03-28 15:52, TG Moses VI wrote:
    Sounds good, but are you playing this with single hit BBs and Russia Restricted? Also you plan leaves out the Sub in the Egypt Sea Zone. Why not use the ftr. sent to Egypt to take this out?

    Yes, definantly russia restricted and one hit BBs. two hit bbs are too good a deal for 24 IPCs. When I play russia unrestricted (never two hit bbs though) i just use the aircraft. the fighter is need to tip the scale in the egypt battle. the bomber and british fighters can kill your bb anyway, and i just cannot afford splitting my resources too thin to attack the sub. if you capture egypt, britain can’t escape to the indian ocean.

  • I used to try to sink every Allied ship in the Med/North Atlantic, and it is possible, but I found I was losing too many aircraft. The most important things are to sink the Allied fleets in the Med (to prevent the BMR + whatever’s in the Med attack by UK) and to sink the fleet in the North Sea (to put off any D-Day attampts until you are ready).

    Over time I’ve come to believe that UK SUB to be one of the most important kills of the game. Sink the BBs obviously, but sinking that SUB gives you precious time in the Med to move into Africa…

    Our group doesn’t play w/ Russia Restricted OR 2-Hit BBs. Nothing against RR, but I agree with Horten on 2-Hit BBs;I also think that 2-Hit BBs takes away from the BB’s historical vulnerability to aircraft–I know A & A BB units represent ALL surface units (CAs, DDs, etc.) but still, 2 hit seems a bit much…


  • Well based on the units portrayed in A&A:Eurpoe and Pacific (which might make no difference whatsoever), I say the battleships represented of the different powers were top of the line (ie King Geroge, Bismark, Yamoto (I think?), ect.

    Even if you were to attack these battleships with aircraft the most you can really do is cripple a ship, which is a challenge in itself. In such extreme casses, the Yamato was sunck by aircraft… some 250 divebombers.

    Other then that these battleships were renowned for their armor. The Yamato itself had a belt armor 16.1"

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