• Any recommendations for WW2 books on tape?  I have long hours of mowing grass where podcasts have been great.  Really enjoyed Dan Carlin’s “Blueprint for Armageddon” (World War 1), “Wrath of the Khan’s” (History of the Khan Dynasty), and “Ghosts of the Ostfront” (WW2 Eastern Front).  I started listening to a guy named Ray Harris Jr. who does his own WW2 podcast, but it’s pretty dry.

    I was hoping for an excellent WW2 book that goes a bit beyond the basics.  Thanks everyone!

  • Thanks for posting you question. I haven’t listened to Hardcord History in a while. You mention of Dan’s covering of WWI sent me there today. I just listened to Blueprint For Armageddon Part 1. Very good.

    As far as audio books goes I hate to say it but the best reference source I’m aware of is A History of WWII Podcast. I love Ray’s depth of coverage but as you said he is pretty dry. If someone could just cattle prod him at random intervals I think it would liven things up.

  • '17 '16 '15

    wonder if battlefield 360 has any audio ? Those guys kinda get into it, although they’re not very in depth. That pararescue dude on the military channel who shoots all the guns would be pretty good for a narrator.

  • Yeah, Dan Carlin spoiled it all by being an excellent story teller.  If you get a chance, Ghosts of the Ostfront is worth every penny!

  • Thanks. I’ll check that out. I know it’s not WW2, but if you’ve never read “Warbirds. Diary of an Unknown Avaitor” do so. It’s the diary of an American WW1 pilot. Haunting is the best word I can think of. I read it 3 times when I was younger. I’m about to read it again.

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