• Unless ive missed it and ive NOT read every single topic yet being new here. But what are some house rules that you guys are using that make the game more fun/enjoyable/make sense. I read about the artilery transport one in a topic and even though not in the rules it only makes sense. Im ordering the game tomorrow(unless I can find it localy) so im getting a head start!

  • Me and some friends are looking at :

    -Transporting artillery with Jeeps and half-track.

    -Crocodille’s flamethrower ability (on 3 sixs) only “damage” vehicule.  (same for american M2 flamethrower)

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    Another house rule is that your vehicles are only allowed to setup on the back 1 or 2 hexes.

  • A friend and I have been discussing maybe having some kind of “off-board” Artillery strike available to a commander unit.  But we can’t seem to come to any agreement on cost/strike, dmg, hex’s effected, accuracy, etc.  The only thing we have decided is that it would cause automatic distruption… any ideas?

  • Well Artilery was the great equalizer in battle so id suggest it cost a good deal….I mean you could even break it down further by cost and effectiveness depending on what artilery was firing…I mean you could get real techincal(which is not bad IMO) and say different artillery barages cost different points and effect a differrent ammount of hexes. becuawe there would be a difference between a off shore battleship bombardment and a 105 Howitzer bombardment

  • a couple ive been thinking of now that I have the rules is a “hidden” unit(s) rule and minefields and even airsupport(like the off map artillery idea). Say if you have a defend/assault type scenerio the defenders could purchase a certain number of mines/minefields and even stipulate if they are anti tank mines or anti troop mines. The minefield(unless your using the visible mushroom anti tank mines say along the main road to stop tanks from going down that road) hex(es) would be written down on a piece of paper at the start of the turn and then turned face down or folded till a vehicle/troop moves into or over that hex at which point it would be activated. Also was thinking that engineers could disarm these(which gives them something to do akin to what they did in real life)

    Same for the hidden unit(s). I don’t know how many I would say could be “hidden” but they should cost extra points mabey? but same thing as the mines…you write down the hex they are “hidden” in and then they can get a attack from concealment against a opponent that comes within range…like in some games where you have opportunity fire or surprise fire/attack. This could be done only in a hex that a). could actually conceal the piece in other words you cant “conceal/hide” a Tiger tank in tall grass BUT you could hide a Bazooka at the edge of a treeline and wait till a Panzer rolls by …pop up and fire. or you could “hide” a anti tank artilery piece in a woodline  across a open field and “wait” to see if something comes into range.(kinda like the anti tank artilery scene in a bridge too far for example) Of course once the unit fires its revealed.

    I think this gives a bit more “realistic” touch instead of knowing exactly where every piece on the map is located… I mean if you don’t have a LOS to a enemy how would you know it was there…if you can see a opponent has a anti tank gun set up to shoot a tank that comes around a hedgerow/forest hex you KNOW not to go there…there is no surprise to it.

  • one thing we did was make three different groups. instead of solders and armor, we have a separate vehicles deal. they pretty much have a lot lower armor than they do on the stat cards. we are also working on the whole artillery deal, either land based or naval based. also, air strikes, nothing like having a stuka come down and waste some guys. when we work out the kinks ill post the whole thing on here.

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