New Units for Classic ( a historical note)

  • I have not posted much on A&A org forums but I’d like to add my history. I bought a Milton-Bradley edition produced in 1985 and my friends and I played it a lot back then. A fond remembrance is who first thought of the different angles that became apparent eg: building a Factory in South Africa or India, for example.

    As to new units, I added the following (independant of the knowledge of anyone else’s creation idea) ……

    1. Motorized Infantry, cost 4, movement 2, A & D values the same
    2. Paratroops, cost 4, move 1, transported by Bomber 1:1, A value 1, *D value 1
    3. Motorized Artillery, cost 7, move 2, A & D values the same
    4. Corvette, cost 6, move same as other ships, A value 1, D value 1 * an obvious extrapolation from the other ships (why is a ‘Corvette type’ not in the game??)
    5. Rocket, cost 6, move 1  *included in my revised 'Develop Weapons List/Table, * Range of 2 spaces (from firing space), causes damage as a Bomber (D6: 1-3 = no effect, 4 = 1PF, 5 = 2 PFs & 6 = 3 PFs. * May also be used to deliver an Atomic Bomb.
    6. Atomic Bomb, cost 6 each once successfully researched.  No movement capability. Must be delivered by Bomber or Rocket. *Atomic Bombs are researched during a Develop Weapons/Purchase Units phase. Each time Atomic Bomb research is undertaken 30 PF must be spent. On the first attempt a roll of a 6 on a D6 must be made to succeed. On all further attempts to research the Bomb the D6 roll needed reduces by 1 number until the attempt automatically succeeds on the 6th attempt (second try needs 5 or 6, third 4-6, etc). These particular research dice rolls must be clearly witnessed as ‘randomized’ with no ‘flat dice face’ or otherwise questionable roll being made (as in a Casino).

    These are my additions to my A & A games from the period of the Classic or 1942 2nd Edition games. I hope everyone likes them.

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    Nice ideas. Thanks for posting. You have probably seen that many here do the same thing.

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