Strategic Bombing: Calculating odds

  • Buying all or mostly Bombers with the UK/US in the first few turns is a good way to lose the game.

    While your trying to bomb Germany, they are running amuck in Africa and Japan is turning into a monster in Asia. The game is about capturing territory, which can’t be done by bombers. While you are busily bombing factories, a smart axis player will be gobbling every territory in Africa/Asia/Australia. The US can’t even bomb Germany with more than 1 Bomber until US 3. If you have no naval infrastructure or even any UK IC infrastructure early, you have no ability whatsoever to stop/delay Japan in Asia/Pacific and Germany needs only modest luck to take all of Africa. Plan for the Allies to lose to an 84 economic victory by J4/5 with no ground forces to take back critical areas in Africa/Asia. Game over. Try it sometime. Just shift your Axis strategy to an IPC victory strategy and not a military victory.


  • For a man or women who chooses to remain Anonymous, you sure know your stuff! I whole heartily with the comments made above. Building bombers is a long term investment that can ill afford to wait. Usually I won’t buy a bomber until at least the 4th turn for USA when transports are away.

  • Holy….did i suggest one buys all bombers in the first few turns…i didnt eh. Look, most games i play are close, one easy way for the allies to tip the scales is to bomb Germany. just maintaning a bomber fleet of 5-6 is all that the allies need to lay-a-hurtin. And its tough for Germany 2 defend against it.

  • Hey SUD, why not make a name on this sight, your IP address says you have one but don’t post under it.

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