• Hi guys this is my build video on my 1940 game table I just made. A huge thanks goes out to young grasshopper and his table that I based mine off of. It is made to fit the board and trays from the game as I need to put the table away when we are done playing as I have kids and can’t leave it up all the time. There are a couple things that are not perfect but all in all I am pleased with the built. Total. Let was around $170 and took me four days to do with help of two of my friend on assembly days three and four to hold things in place while I screed them down. Let me know what you guys think and any questions I will be happy to answer.



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    Great looking table, and I enjoyed the video too – it makes the whole design and assembly process look quick and simple (until one stops to think of how much time and work went into the project in between the scene edits).  Thanks for posting this and enjoy playing the game on this first-class accessory!

  • That is a truly great looking table.  I have been looking for ideas on what to incorporate in my table and I saw some things in your design that has sparked some ideas.  My table will need to be a bit larger because I have a custome map on a 4x8 sheet of masonite but the concepts are still usable.  GREAT JOB!

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    WOW! Great work Rick,

    You have just shown what I’ve been trying to tell people for years… a simple 8’X4’ plywood sheet, with a surrounding 2"X4" bank is a great foundation for fitting everything perfectly. One thing I have always regretted with my table is not staining the wood, and you have just made me even more jealous (lol).

    Enjoy your new gaming experience, you worked hard and your members should be very appreciative.


  • CWO- thanks for the remarks. Also if one wants to duplicate the whole proses took just four days to do thanks to the pictures from grasshopper so lots of work yes but all and all not as long as I would have expected.

    Dafyd- thank you for the comments. For yours depending on what you are using for trays(stock trays) just add 8inches to the top and bottom and 13inches to the sides and you should be good for your border. If that helps any??

    Young grasshopper- buddy your design is what made this built take only four days to do. My thanks for all your hard work that made mine that much easier. As for the stain, don’t feel to jealous, lol. You said before you took the boards off to cut out the other spots you made so worst case you could undo and stain then reattach. Although you have more stuff on your to work around. One day I may print off a one piece map but don’t need it for now.
    Thanks again guys.

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    Excellent table Vanerost, thanks for the link to your video. May you enjoy many battles on your new table. Again, nice job! 🙂


  • Hey john thanks for the coment. And I am sure we will play lots of games on it.

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    Very cool looking table. Cant wait to see you play a game on it.

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