Transports and other friendly power's units

  • Hey guys! I was wondering how loading friendly units on a transport works for attacking and loading and off loading. Furthermore, when do you Attack and load units? For example if the US has transports next to the UK, do you load uk units onto the US transports during the britain player’s turn or the US’s? And same goes for amphibious assaults; if say UK tranports hold US troops, do those troops Attack during the British turn or US turn? How does this affect off shore bombardment too?

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    Welcome to the forum Acidlemon.

    UK units would load onto US transports in UK non combat. The US transports move in US turn. UK units unload in next UK turn. Combat or non combat depending on what you are doing of course.

    I generally find that darn discouraging, but thems the rules as I understand them.

  • Yep. And the same applies to bombardment. If you have a UK battleship present when the UK troops hit the beach then that battleship would get to bombard. Any US ships present would not. I generally find it far more efficient to keep my troops to their own country’s transports.

  • Ahhh okay thanks guys! Just clearing the air a bit due to my last game with a KGF. We were all a little unfamiliar about how that worked with transports and such so we went along with modified rules everyone thought was fair and afterwards we’d ask this forum for clarification. Thanks again!

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