Ongoing Global game! Some tips would be appreciated

  • Hey everyone!

    Today, me and my friends will resume our game from yesterday.

    It’s the beginning of Turn 4 with Germany. There is a Russian stack of around 29 infantry, 2 art, the starting aircrafts from Russia.
    A possible counter attack of 10 infantry, 2 tanks and some mech is possible from Russia.

    I have an army of around 17 infantry, around 16 tanks and a few art. I didn’t expect his army to stay so I didn’t position my planes properly. I think only 2 bomber can reach this army.

    Should I launch an attack on it? (Knowing that there will be 10 inf + art + tanks + planes that will be able to retake it, assuming a Russian Counter attack). It feels like it is a good opportunity to deal some serious damage against Russian defense… The North of Russia will fall (With the Army from Leningrad). Ukraine is mine this turn. There will also be a small army from the South (since Russia evacuated everything).
    12/18 infantry from Soviet eastern territories are walking slowly back to Russia. they will not make it before many turns.

    The cons I see are : My Infantry stack is LOW. I will lose tanks (in the attack, or in the counterattack). My aircrafts are not in position.

    Here are my purchases
    G1 = 10 infantry (they moved toward Russia)
    G2 = 9 art + 11 infantry (I moved only 5 infantry + 9 art toward east, the 6 remained to defend Europe and Italy… UK + USA only have 3 transports and will not threaten me on their turn 4 since they moved into the MED) Italy never got big this game, so Italy is spending all of its ressources into defending Italy + Southern France.
    G3 = tanks (I plan on moving all of them toward Russia).

    Thank you for your inputs 🙂

  • If your description is correct, you have a 40% chance of winning the battle, with an average of 7 units left if that does happen.  He can use his 10 infantry + 2 tanks to destroy your remaining 5 infantry if that does happen.  TripleA has a good odds calculator for this situation.

    You need to start buying some mechanized infantry to quickly get them into the battle.  Rely on them for the cannon fodder, and use planes to do the damage.  I hope that you are winning on the Pacific side because this is looking rough in Europe.

  • Dont attack without your airforce!

  • Would you be able to hit and retreat? Maybe reduce the bulk of the Russian army, then retreat before you take the territory so he wouldn’t be able to counter attack your tanks you with his reserves. A hit and retreat might also allow some of your other ground units to catch up and air too for the next turn.

  • '15

    I hate to say it, but with that much infantry bought on G1 and G2, the odds of you getting Moscow are just about 0%. They are too slow, and too weak on the attack. By the time you get deep into Russia, they’ve had too much time to build up, and too much time for any other Allies to help. By the time you could potentially threaten Moscow, those far east ruskies are going to be arriving, further locking you out.

    For your next game: if you do build slow units for Germany, it’s G1, G2 at the latest, and then it’s all artillery (with leftovers in infantry if you wish). You can build mechanized infantry on G3/G4 that will catch up to the front and pair up with those artillery.

    So, that being said, what can you do now?

    I would not make that attack, as the two people before me have said. You need your airforce in range. There are very few exceptions to this in any game.

    It’s good to hear you’re getting the two Russian mICs soon. You’ll need those. This is going to be a long game in europe.

    Try to keep Russia blocked in and the pressure strong. Without seeing the map, I can’t say much more, but at this point you’re playing the economy game against Russia, and it sounds like you’re about to start winning that by a little bit. Ukraine is only 2 spaces from Moscow, so I’d build one or two turns of artillery from there. Whatever you do, don’t let Russia destroy a large chunk of your units. Don’t let them out maneuver you.

    If Moscow can’t happen in the next two or three rounds, try to snake into the middle east at some point, even if it means losing a bit of ground in Russia, assuming whatever you send down there won’t be annihilated. The middle east is worth tons of money for the Axis. Tons.

  • '15


    Would you be able to hit and retreat? Maybe reduce the bulk of the Russian army, then retreat before you take the territory so he wouldn’t be able to counter attack you with his reserves. This might also allow some of your other ground units to catch up and air too.

    This may also be an excellent option, but I can’t see the map. Maybe hit him now for 1 or 2 rounds, and if you have more reinforcements coming in to your stack, that means he can’t counterattack. Maybe your air force isn’t in range to attack, but can they end their turn on your stack to defend it?

  • Yeah, its hard to say for sure w/o more info or a screen shot, but from how he described it the Russians would be using inf in the counter attack, and they might not be able to reach the Germans if he does a hit & retreat. Plus you can bring reinforcements and air to insure there won’t be a counter attack.

    Might even be able to hit and retreat your stack to a different territory depending on if you have units attacking from multiple territories. Just don’t get greedy lol

    If you can kill a bunch of Russian inf now, they won’t be in Moscow later.

  • So how’d it go, what did you end up doing?

  • @WILD:

    So how’d it go, what did you end up doing?

    I listened to you guys and didn’t attack! Waited 2 turns and we ended the game on G6 or 7, I don’t recall properly!

    The Russians continued to back, and 2 turns later (G6), I attacked Russia with the Inf + Art group that were built in G1-2. Some tanks + mech joined the battle. Something like 16 art, 31 inf, 11 mech, 17 tank, 3 fighters 5 tactical 2 bombers (I decided to divert part of my airforce to punish a British + US mistake - my airforce was stationned in Leningrad, and there were many transports unassisted)

    I crushed Russia with around 10 tanks left + airforce. I crushed UK transport fleet. I blocked US fleet inside Norway/Danemark (he went in) by retaking Danmark.

    Overall, I won, because I waited for the additional inf + art 😮 (Russia only built Inf this game, was that a mistake? He only fell back, and never counter-attacked)

    edit : Going from my memory (Saturday feels so farrrr), here is the big battle for Moscow :
    Germany :
    31 inf, 16 art, 11 mech, 17 tank + 3 fig, 5 tac, 2 bomber

    My numbers are probably a little bit off…

    61 infantry, 8 art, 3 mech + starting offensive units… (1 tank? 2 fig? 1 tac?)

    After my victory over Moscow and the Atlantic fleet, the allied surrendered. Japan was also at India’s doorsteps, but was far from taking the last remaining Victory city

    EDIT #2 : What happens to Mongolia rule when Russia capital is taken? Do the Mongolians still spawn if Japan decides to attack?

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