Need help choosing a glass top for my table.

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    My table is nearing completion.  I map area is 3’x5’ and i would like to cover it with a piece of glass or plexiglass.  The thinnest I could find glass in is 1/4 inch without spending more than $200.  I’m afraid it will make the game pieces to appear hovering over the map but I like the scratch resistance that glass provides.  Any shared thoughts or experiences with this would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

  • Here’s some information about the acrylic sheet I got for my custom table:

    The material I bought is called non-glare Acrylite P-99, originally sized by the manufacturer at 48" x 96" x 1/16" thickness.  The local plastics company from which I bought it cut the sheet to the size I wanted, which is 36" x 96", so they just had to cut a slice from the width because the length was already correct.  (Note that this is bigger than is needed for the A&A Global 1940 map, but my wargaming table is larger than the A&A game requires).  They then shipped it to me by delivery truck, rolled up into a tube about two feet in diameter as I recall (the rolling made possible by the fact that the plastic was just 1/16" thick).  The costs (in Canadian dollars) were $60 for the plastic itself, plus $10 for the cutting, plus $30 for delivery, plus another $15 or so for sales tax.

  • By the way, the pictures here…

    …will give you an idea of what the acrylic sheet looks like, both on and off the map.  In some of pictures (click on them to expand them) you’ll see the removed sheet at the top of the photos.

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