• Anyone else noticed that there are too few chips that comes with the original game?
    After USSR starts building inf, and germany builds tonns of inf and arms, there are way to few chips.

    Normally the chips that came with the game, lasts till rd3. From then on… we use what ever we have, the landmarks that are placed on counqured territories, are helpfull, but confusing some times. They count for 10, reds for 5 as usual…

    Anyone got an idea on this topic? Sure could use it.
    (For those who planed to say: “Attack more!”, we attack alot, but its still too few)

  • '19 Moderator

    The chips used for the game can found sold as poker chips at some game stores.

    Personaly my group uses 3 to 4 game sets so we don’t run out of any thing.

  • I use the Soviet markers to represent 10 infantry, that frees up alot of chips for everyone else.

  • small change like pennies are also an inexpensive way to make up for the lack of chips.

  • what i do , is to use the country chips (flagged chips or whatever they are called), under a unit to mark 3 units.

    white chips under a unit to mark 5 , and red ones to mark 10.

    it works pretty well in my play group.

  • Well then what do you use to mark 1’s and 2’s?

  • Mark 1 shouldnt b a problem :razz:
    If you have two i guess he just puts 2 units in the country

  • we use those diff coloured bases from old blood bowl figures…

  • Wow I just realized those chips are poker chips. I mean, I knew it somewhere in the back of my mind, but it just connected. O_O Thanks. But I feel kinda stupid now.

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