Shifting UK IPCs between the European and Pacific economy (A&A 1940)

  • Hi Folks,

    has anybody ever experimented with a HR for “Axis & Allies Global 1940” that allows the U.K. player to shift IPCs form the European to the Pacific economy and vice versa?
    In my mind there is some kind of rule like the 12 IPCs “National Convoy Income” of the old “A&A Pacific” that has to be divided between India and Australia at the end of each British turn.
    Maybe this could be coupled with some extra loss due to Axis commerce raiders or the waste of resources after insufficient planning…

    Thanks in advance!

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    I’ve never experimented with it as such – but one notion that I’ve been considering is the idea that, if Canada is ever spun off from the UK as a separate player nation, thereby depriving the UK og a certain amount of income, the UK could be partially compensated by being given an integerated global economy rather than being forced to split its income in two.  But I don’t know if this would be an effective compensation.

  • Actually, I like the concept of separating the British Empire in 2-3 parts (The United Kingdom with its two economies & and the independent Nation ANZAC).
    A further separation by making Canada a 3rd part of the UK economy or a separate Nation like ANZAC seams interesting on the first look, but
    a) this would weaken the UK-European economy very much and
    b) its income of 7(?) IPCs is too low to be useful in any way.

    What came to my mind before I opened this topic was enabling the UK-player to Redirect a fixed contingent 5, 10 or 15 IPCs from one economy to the other during the collect income phase. (Like in ColumbiaGames “EuroFront”) For each group of 5 redirected IPCs one 1d6 is rolled and the result is the amount of IPCs that arrives on the other side of the world (Treat all rolled “6” as a “5”).
    I’m not quite certain if this would give the allies too much flexibility.

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    Interesting concept, and of course any transfer of IPCs would require control of the Suez Canal and Straits of Gibraltar. It would allow for a big UK Europe build for a round but then it could actually flip the other way and help defend India, especially when they’re down to 5 production a turn.

  • Indeed!
    The “Empire Highway to India” must be controlled by the Allies.

    And maybe the risk of loosing 4 of 5 transferred IPCs is compensation enough for the option to support the defence of India or gain assistance in the Battle of Britain.

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