• :?  If the us declares war on Japan after round 3 do they receive the bonus 30 ipc? And if no and they wait and Japan finally attacks would they still receive the bonus 30?  Thanks. First time playing this version

  • Hello Ffkev99 and welcome to the board,

    These 30 IPCs are a one-time bonus for the USA. The get it only in A&A-Pacific and not in A&A-Global.

    And as I’ve understood the recent post in the A&A-Pacific board, the US receive this bonus once the went to war against Japan. But remember this is just bonus the US gets if you play A&A-Pacific.


  • TripleA

    You have the original box or the 2nd edition box?

    30 ipcs one time bonus for USA in Pacific only, + your vc bonus

    For global you just make the VC bonus at the end of round 3 and you are at war at the end of your turn. If the axis throw you into war before that you get your  VC bonus that round. Lots of Japan players dow round 1 now a days, I always j1 dow and it has been 100 games since I did a j2 dow. I got no patience and I hate waiting 🙂

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